ICON 2016: Event Recap and Top Tweets


We’re back from another successful event. This time it was in Phoenix, Arizona for the excitement of ICON 2016: the conference that joins small business entrepreneurs with solutions.

Scott Harris led us through the week with unparalleled energy. Harris implored us to look beyond leads, conversions and sales to see the bigger picture and truly experience our lives better.

It was wonderful to see our friends from Digital Marketer and the many familiar faces from Traffic & Conversion just a few weeks ago in San Diego.

The group of keynote speakers was very impressive, including @DaveRamsey, @tinacwells, @garyvee, @robynbenincasa, plus many more. In addition to the breakout session presentations, these made for a very educational and motivational week.

Attendees represented all parts of the world, as shown by their very cool “Heat Map.” We were glad to meet so many of them, and look forward to attending in 2017!

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