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ICYMI: Call-Only Campaigns, Paid Search Audits & 1000 Posts

Kathleen Garvin

Last week we featured articles on AdWords call-only campaigns, paid search audits and the SEMrush blog itself — we hit 1000 posts!

Miss any of these stories? Keep reading.

How to Use Google AdWords Call-Only Campaigns

Andy Morley describes how to use Google AdWords Call-Only Campaigns to drive customers to call your business. Includes screenshots.

Paid Search Audits: Thinking Like a Marketer

Just because you do PPC, it doesn’t mean you’re not a marketer as well. Susan Wenograd explains.

The SEMrush Blog Reaches 1000 Posts

(Ed. note: If you follow my Twitter account — which you should :) — apologies ... I have been in tweeting-overdrive since we hit 1000 posts!)

The SEMrush blog has surpassed 1000 published blog posts. Thank you!

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5 Questions That Will Transform Your Content Marketing Overnight

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Kathleen Garvin

Asks great questions and provides brilliant answers.

Kathleen Garvin is an online editor and analytics wrangler for The Penny Hoarder, the largest personal finance blog. She's also a contributing writer for I Want Her Job and started a beginner-friendly digital marketing blog, The Maroon House. Kathleen is the former blog editor at SEMrush.
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