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ICYMI: Email Marketing Strategy, Video Content ROI, Product Page Content and More

Kathleen Burns
ICYMI: Email Marketing Strategy, Video Content ROI, Product Page Content and More

Last week we shared several posts about the challenges of creating standout product page content, your terrible video marketing ROI, and why you need an email marketing strategy!

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In Case You Missed It on the SEMrush Blog

5 Questions to Ask About Your Product Page Content


How do we create content that is truly exceptional? Content that delights our potential customers and performs well in the search results? Charlie Williams shares his thoughts about developing targeted money-making pages (or product content) hat stands out both to visiting users and the search engines.

Troubleshoot Video Marketing Campaigns: Why Your Videos Produce a Negative ROI


Not seeing results with your video content? Before you go pulling the plug on your big video marketing plans, Aaron Aguis shares a series of questions that can help you troubleshoot why your campaigns aren’t performing.

SEO and Guitar: What Do They Have in Common?


These two seemingly-unrelated disciplines have more in common than you might think. In honor of National Hobby Month, Raj Chander compares his favorite hobbies to one of the most important aspects of digital marketing today.

4 Simple Ways to Get More Email List Signups


How do you coax people to sign up for your company email list? There are several efforts you can make, and they’re not as complex or as technical as you might think! Amanda Clark shares some small gestures that can make a big difference.

Must Love Email: Why bother with an email marketing strategy?


Email can be a robust source of income and promotion. Olga Kudanova gathered all the solid numbers and facts in one place to give you a picture of how email marketing industry is thriving and reasons why it should be taken very seriously.

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Kathleen Burns is a former Community Manager of SEMrush.
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