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ICYMI: Google Partners Certification, Reddit's Curated Content, SEMrush's PLA Reports & More

Kathleen Burns
ICYMI: Google Partners Certification, Reddit's Curated Content, SEMrush's PLA Reports & More

Last week on the SEMrush Blog, we took a look at tips to pass Google Partners Certification, how to choose an Adwords course, Reddit's curated content power, content marketing tips, and how to create a PLA report in SEMrush!

Did you miss any of our best content last week? Catch up! More below the jump.


Reddit - The Untapped Goldmine for Curated Content

I explain why Reddit has been called the "front page of the internet" and my top choice subreddits digital marketing agencies should subscribe to if they are seeking content ideas, industry advice, or want the best articles to share to their audience.


6 Tips - How to Pass the Google Partners Certifications

Emma McHale shares her six tips to pass the Google Partners Certifications. Digital marketers are given 90 minutes to complete the 70 question exam Analytics exam and the questions are multiple choice. The exams are free to complete and available in 14 languages. If you want to pass, read her quick tip sheet!


How to Choose the Right Adwords Course

Sergio Aicardi explains that not all courses are created equal. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, there are plenty of courses out there but some are more suitable for the beginner while other are designed specifically for the professional looking to further sharpen his or her skill set.


10 Sneaky Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

Davy shares ten tips to boost shares to make your content more interesting to your audience, boost its shares, and increase your content’s reach. It’s not about what you write, but how you write it.


Race to the Top: Preparing Your PLA Copy for Cyber Monday

Mike Isaac explains how your e-commerce company can grab a PLA report right from SEMrush. If you are an e-commerce company, you are most likely trying to find the best way to stick out from your competitors and have people click over to your website. But how can you get an upper edge on your competitors? Find out!

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Kathleen Burns is a former Community Manager of SEMrush.
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