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ICYMI: Hollywood, Thor, Blog Comments and More!

Tara M. Clapper
ICYMI: Hollywood, Thor, Blog Comments and More!

Last week we featured articles about what we can learn about digital marketing from past careers and superheroes. We also looked at how to manage a blog's comments section and posted an announcement about an increase in our educational content, allowing us to empower you to increase your knowledge of the SEMrush tool.

Did you miss any of these popular posts? Read on!

Featured Content From Guest Contributors

What Hollywood Taught Me About Content Marketing

I Think An Idea's Larry Madill explains how his time in Hollywood made him a better content marketer in his second career.

YouTube: The Hidden Secret to Getting Low-Cost Leads

Mike Arce outlines how to get the most conversion potential out of your YouTube video. Includes money-saving tips.

4 Google Tools That Will Boost Your PR

Chris Bell of Didit Marketing shows you how to use Google to gain more positive exposure online.

Apple Launches Streaming Music Service: Will Users Pay?

Darshan Patel outlines the new features of Apple's streaming music service. How does it compare to free services like Spotify's basic service?

Now accepting pitches.

From SEMrush

How Do You Manage Your Blog Comment Section?

Kathleen Garvin outlines best practices for blog comment management.

6 Digital Marketing Lessons from Thor, My Favorite Superhero

Inspired by Larry Madill's post, I look at what Thor has taught me about digital marketing.

Am I Invisible? (Debunking Visibility Trend and Data in Position Tracking)

Getting a low visibility percentage in SEMrush? Don't panic! Mike Isaac helps you investigate.

I'm in Love with a Tool: SEMrush Changelog, Health and More

In his weekly update, David Black outlines the status of the SEMrush tool and reveals plans for increasing educational content on our site.

Upcoming Webinars

Conversion Hacking the Brain: How to Increase ROI by Being Irrational

Guest: Tim Ash

Date: July 14. Check here for local time.

How Competitive Research Fuels Lead Generation (with Convirza)

Guests: McKay Allen, Michael Stricker

Date: July 15. Check here for local time.

The 5 Step Formula to Attract Your Audience Online, Increase Revenue and Position Your Business for Success!

Guest: Don Purdum

Date: July 16. Check here for local time.

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Tara M. Clapper is Content Development Specialist at Express Writers and Senior Editor at The Geek Initiative, a website celebrating women in geek culture. Tara is a prolific content creator and an accomplished editor, having written and edited thousands of blog posts, small business websites, and other inbound marketing content through the course of her career. Tara enjoys blogging about SEO copywriting, content management, corporate culture, personal branding, networking and LinkedIn. She has over a decade of experience in digital publishing. Connect with her on Twitter @irishtara
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Don Purdum
Hi Tara,

Fantastic list of previous articles.

I have had Spotify for several years and don't plan to migrate any time soon. My lists are there and I'm not sure I want to start over. I think Apple waited too long to get into this game.

I could be very wrong... we'll see.

Thank you so much for sharing my upcoming webinar. I'm looking forward to it!!!!!

~ Don Purdum
Tara M. Clapper
Don Purdum

Yeah! Music is one of those things...it would take a lot to convince someone to switch because it seems like a burden to reorganize. I feel like Apple always ends up costing money, but Spotify was helping me out back when I was a really broke writer. They've earned my loyalty!