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Kathleen Garvin

ICYMI: Multilingual Content, Keywords & Links

Kathleen Garvin

Last week on the blog we featured articles on mistakes to avoid during multilingual content creation, how to choose the best keywords for your business and the relationships in link building.

Did you miss any of these stories on the blog? Continue reading after the jump.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Multilingual Content Creation

Content creation is not one-size-fits-all! Martin Kura addresses the most common mistakes when creating multilingual content and tips on how to avoid them.

How to Judge the Value of Keywords for Your Business

Moosa Hemani, Director of Search at Pac & Copy Plus, helps you learn how to determine the right keywords for your business. (Hint: Be specific!)

Relationships in Link Building

Andrew Dennis of Page One Power talks links, and how relationships and link building are intertwined online.

Kathleen Garvin is an online editor and analytics wrangler for The Penny Hoarder, the largest personal finance blog. She's also a contributing writer for I Want Her Job and started a beginner-friendly digital marketing blog, The Maroon House. Kathleen is the former blog editor at SEMrush.


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badshah fahad
dear @KGarvin:disqus its hit after new update last month..
Kathleen Garvin
Kathleen Garvin
badshah fahad
Check out this Forbes article (page 3) http://www.forbes.com/sites/ja... It's about link removal, post-Penguin 3.0.
badshah fahad
Kathleen Garvin
thank you :)
badshah fahad
Hi, My clients lost some keywords from 1st page and now want to get back in previews position.. so how I can recover them?
Kathleen Garvin
Kathleen Garvin
badshah fahad
Hi Bappy! When did the keywords take a hit (a week, a month ago, etc.)?
Kathleen Garvin
Kathleen Garvin
Kathleen Garvin
From Bappy:

Hi, Kathleen. Would give me some tips for [website removed] ? about getting rank by
essay writing "

paper writing "

I would be so thankful to you.

[Ed. note] Hi Bappy! I'd recommend you get in touch with an SEO professional to help you rank. He or she can assist with best practices. Good luck!
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