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ICYMI: SlideShares, Student Debt, LinkedIn SSI and More

Tara M. Clapper
ICYMI: SlideShares, Student Debt, LinkedIn SSI and More

Last week, we looked at digital marketing SlideShares, a code school that doesn't demand payment for tuition until students are employed, the new LinkedIn SSI, PPC for business and the process of developing an authentic blog persona.

Did you miss any of this content? Read on!

Master Digital Marketing Like a Pro: 13 SlideShare Presentations You Must See

Kathleen Burns provides 13 essential digital marketing SlideShare presentations, covering everything from copywriting to conversion.

A New Take on Student Debt: Interview with Erik Trautman of Viking Code School

I interviewed Erik Trautman about coding education accessibility and his code school's unique payment plan: don't pay until you're employed.

LinkedIn SSI: Tracking the Perceived Value of Your Personal Brand

LinkedIn expert Victoria Ipri discusses the new LinkedIn SSI tool and explains how to use it to measure the success of your personal brand.

5 Considerations: Is PPC Right for Your Business?

PPC may not be the most useful application of your ad budget. Solomon Thimothy helps you evaluate whether PPC is the right choice for you.

5 Steps: Develop an Authentic Blog Persona

Cristina Roman walks you through the process of sharing your genuine self through your blog.

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