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ICYMI: The Most Expensive Google Adwords, E-Commerce Conversion, & Webinar Guide

Kathleen Burns
ICYMI: The Most Expensive Google Adwords, E-Commerce Conversion, & Webinar Guide

Last week on the SEMrush Blog, we looked at how to create a killer webinar, the most expensive Google Adwords, conversion copywriting, why video increases e-commerce conversion, and changes in client acquisition for e-commerce.

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The Complete Guide to Running a Killer Webinar

Olga Andrienko shares what SEMrush has learned after producing almost 500 webinars. Running webinars has helped SEMrush make new friends, attract leads and gain new fantastic users, and connect with great industry leaders.

Good Copy, Great Copy, and Copy That Converts

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré wants to talk about a very specific kind of copy - conversion copy, and what businesses need to keep in mind to ensure a customer takes action.

Client Acquisition for E-Commerce in 2015 - What's Changed?

Herbert Knibiehly explains how online marketing has become increasingly complex in 2015 and what e-commerce businesses can learn moving forward into 2016.

Why You Should Be Using Video to Increase E-Commerce Conversion Rates

According to Nolan Wilson, video killed the radio star, and has since moved on to focus on dominating the Internet. Find out why he thinks video is a necessity to convert customers.

SEMrush Presents the Most Expensive Google Adwords

SEMrush Data Scientist Qi Zhao has compiled data for this infographic representing the most expensive AdWords. Led by legal, tech, insurance and education industries, these expensive AdWords cost as much as US $663.54!

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Kathleen Burns is a former Community Manager of SEMrush.
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