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ICYMI: Viral Brands, Page Speed, Nofollow and More

Tara M. Clapper

Last week on the SEMrush Blog, we looked at whether Google really crawls nofollows, page speed's impact on SEO, Topsy alternatives, brands going viral and more.


Did you miss any of our best content last week? Catch up! More below the jump.

In Case You Missed It on the SEMrush Blog

Brands Going Viral (For All the Wrong Reasons)


In the event of tragedy, some brands' marketing teams have made some poor decisions. Which brands did this and how should they recover? Adam Stetzer takes a look.

Topsy is Dead: Alternative Social Analytics Tools You Need to Use Now


Upasna Kakroo makes four recommendations for social analytics tools you can use to replace Topsy.

Why Does Page Speed Impact Your SEO?


Emma Labrador discusses what lowers your page speed and why it impacts your SEO.

How I Built a 7 Figure SEO Agency Using SEMrush Data to Land Big Clients


Justin McGill tells you had he used SEMrush to build and strengthen his agency.

Does Google Crawl Rel:"Nofollow" at All?


Matt Cutts has stated that Google doesn't crawl nofollow links. Find out what happened when Jamie White's team ran a test to see if it was true.

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