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I'm in Love with a Tool: SEMrush Video Changelog, 02/12/2016

David Black
I'm in Love with a Tool: SEMrush Video Changelog, 02/12/2016

Changelog [text version]

  • Site Audit – Multiple Enhancements: First and foremost, we've updated the way we handle/report warnings about image alt tags. Previously, the missing alt tag warning was triggered by both empty alt tags and alt tags that were completely missing from your images. However, based on customer usage, we've decided to only trigger this warning when the alt tag is actually missing. So, if you have a bunch of empty alt tags in your images, you may see a slight improvement in your audit score the next time you run your campaign. Next, we've added some better tooltips inside of the PDF reports within Site Audit and, finally, we've changed the "Pages" Report to "Crawled Pages" to avoid confusion with other reports.
  •  Video Analytics: We've added a button to the top-right of all Video Advertising reports that link directly to our written instruction manual. We hope it helps! Also, Video Analytics will, unfortunately, become unavailable to free users very soon. These reports will only be available with paid subscriptions to SEMrush.
  • Email Analytics: If you're hearing a Chopin's funeral dirge off in the distance it's because we've closed our email analytics service. It's a shame. I had such high hopes for it but due to technical difficulties, we've decided to suspend the project indefinitely and thank you for all feedback you provided. Hopefully we can get something up and running in the future.

Let us know how we're doing — You can reach our Technical Support team Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. EST by phone at 855-814-4510 within the United States and, for our international users, 408-844-4633 from 4 a.m.-12 p.m. GMT. We're also available by email at [email protected] during both of those business hours and on Twitter using the hashtag #SEMrushCare.

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