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I'm in Love with a Tool: SEMrush Video Changelog for the Week of 02/15/2016

David Black
I'm in Love with a Tool: SEMrush Video Changelog for the Week of 02/15/2016

Changelog [text version]

  • Business Account Admin Panel: We'll start with an enhancement to the Admin Panel of the SEMrush Business Account. When you enter this area, you'll now see an array of new information associated with the users connected to your account licenses including how many projects or keywords their using. It's a nice little touch and is a step closer to achieving our vision for the Business Accounts.
  • Keyword Difficulty Tool - SERP Elements: Personally, I love our Keyword Difficulty tool. I find it to be extremely reliable and now we've made it even better by showing you exactly which elements appear on the SERP for the keywords you're analyzing. After entering your keywords, you'll find a few extra columns in the main table that show you when elements such as Site Links, Carousels, Images, News, etc. appear in the SERP for each keyword. Pretty handy!
  • Position Tracking - Multiple Enhancements: It's been a really big week for our Position Tracking Tool. First, the local pack designation icon next to a keyword is now included in the PDF version as promised. Next, we've revamped the way we gather CPC and Search Volume data within your Position Tracking campaign. It now gathers it on the fly and is adjusted to your geographic location so you may see differences in volumes considering the old method used national-level keyword data. Also, you can now click on a keyword within your reports to open up a much larger positioning trends graph. The old method wasn't as user friendly or obvious so we've found something we hope you like as much as we do. Finally, you may notice some changes to the weekly emails you receive for Position Tracking updates. The new format allows for better consumption of the information as well as much more of it. Wow! That's a lot for one week.
  • Brand Mentions Tool Open Beta: As if SEMrush didn't already have enough features, we're proud to say that we've opened the Brand Mentions tool to the public. You can expect a ton of more information in the next couple of weeks but I'd encourage you to go to your Projects and add a Brand Mentions campaign. It's incredibly simple and may even replace some other tools you use. Make sure to send us feedback as well.

Let us know how we're doing — You can reach our Technical Support team Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. EST by phone at 855-814-4510 within the United States and, for our international users, 408-844-4633 from 4 a.m.-12 p.m. GMT. We're also available by email at [email protected] during both of those business hours and on Twitter using the hashtag #SEMrushCare.

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