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I'm in Love with a Tool, SEMrush Video Changelog, 06/10/2016

David Black
I'm in Love with a Tool, SEMrush Video Changelog, 06/10/2016

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Changelog [text version]

Analytics Reports: 

Finally! I feel like I'm constantly focused on the Projects section but now, our Analytics Reports have a chance to shine. We've added some incredibly cool features in regard to exporting.

First, I want to mention a few minor cosmetic updates made to our filters and pagination on all keyword reports. But, the real good stuff comes in the form of "customizable" exports. Not only do you now have the ability to select specific keywords using a radio button to the far left of each keyword table, you can also specify a particular segment of data to export. For example, the first 10,000 or 20,000 lines instead of waiting for an entire report to compile. So, take what ya' need and get out!! Just kidding, we love you. 

Site Audit: 

Guess what? Site Audit now gives you the ability to schedule daily crawls. How awesome is that? Be warned - the more frequently you crawl, the more your monthly crawled pages limit will be consumed. Additionally, we've updated the way error information and resolutions are displayed as well as clarified how project sharing works. Users that have been invited to projects should have a much better idea of what read-only access entails.

That's It - Keep on Rushing! 

Let us know how we're doing — You can reach our Technical Support team Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. EST by phone at 855-814-4510 within the United States and, for our international users, 408-844-4633 from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. GMT. We're also available by email at [email protected] during both of those business hours and on Twitter using the hashtag #SEMrushCare.

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