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Indre Simanynaite

Improve Your Outreach Strategy and Diversify Traffic Sources

Indre Simanynaite

An effective outreach strategy not only ensures that you receive backlinks to your website but also helps bring in new traffic sources and builds relationships with other website owners. Implementing and maintaining a strong outreach strategy can create an exceptional online presence and ensure your brand’s visibility.

Rather than relying purely on SEO, here are some alternative outreach strategies to help you generate traffic:

Use BuzzBundle

It’s a smart piece of software that can help you to generate consistent traffic to your website and it doesn’t involve any SEO. BuzzBundle helps you reach out and approach your target audience quickly and in an organized manner.

The way BuzzBundle works is quite simple: it scans various social media sites, blogs, forums and Q&A sites. Currently, you can engage with your audience via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Yahoo Answers and YouTube. The best thing about it is that everything is visible for you in one management dashboard, so it saves you time with having to log in and out of various accounts that you have to manage. 

How to use BuzzBundle

You simply need to type in the keywords that you’re looking for, scan and scroll though the screen until you find someone asking a question to which you know the answer! For keyword inspiration, I use SEMrush and see what competitors are ranking for. Be prepared to share your content in a way that educates your targeted audience.

Make sure you modify your answers and approach people personally - don’t use templates. I advise you write more thoughtful responses in order to see more positive results. I would also suggest that you update your keyword groups regularly as it will give you a variety of material to target. Another thing to mention is that the software allows you to monitor you competitors’ brand mentions so you can keep an eye on your industry as a whole.

The trick is to use BuzzBundle regularly and you’ll see a compounding effect from the outreach you do. You can learn more by reading this BuzzBundle tutorial.

Participate In Q&A Discussions and Niche Forums

Another great outreach opportunity is to become visible in Q&A sites and various forums. Build strong profiles in relevant niche forums and participate in discussions regarding your brand and industry.

Participate in these conversations as regularly as you can – you can build rapport with members, it makes you look more trustworthy and you lose that ‘newbie’ status. In most forums, after you have reached a specific level or a title, you will be able to post links too.

Share your experiences, be responsive and most of all, be helpful. Do not push your brand’s name too much - suggest and convince instead. The best thing about forums and Q&A sites is that people are specifically looking for answers. Try and keep your forum conversations light and natural, as you would in your day-to-day life.

Use Google Search Tools to Find Opportunities

Have you tried using a specific Google search? This is actually a very simple yet effective lead generation idea. You should try and narrow your search to a specific date and website, if required.

Type in your keyword (if your keyword is a phrase – you should use quotation marks), then click on “Search Tools,” change “Any Time” to the specific time that your require - a week or a day depending on how often you do outreach.

In order to get the most recent results first, change the settings from “Sorted by relevance” to “Sorted by date.” If you are looking for something on a specific website, you should just type: “your keyword or a phrase” site:twitter.com.

Example, if you owned a suit hire company, doing a standard Google Search for “suit hire” would generate results for suit hire companies that rank for that term. If you limit the search to the last 24 hours, you’ll see more recent mentions of that term which may include forum posts where people have enquired about suit hire services. This is where you can step in and interact with a customer directly.

Using BuzzBundle and Google Search Tools can expand your traffic sources and provide a way to reach highly targeted audiences.

Revisit and Update Old Posts

Check your old blog posts - perhaps there are some comments that haven’t been answered yet. Don’t leave them hanging. The person who asked a question or wrote that comment will probably get an email notification when their question has been answered. Keep in touch and put some thought into each reply you make.

An even better way to connect with your audience is to not only comment but also e-mail the commenter directly. This is a great way to build a relationship and create loyalty.

In addition, keep your email notifications up to date. If you are participating in more than a couple of forums and Q&A discussions you want to be informed if someone has replied to your comment or thread. This is very important in forums and Q&A sites where people usually have follow up questions and might need more guidance on a specific topic.

Analyze Your Competitors’ Best Links

You should analyze and compare your competitors’ best links. Using such services like SEMrush and Ahrefs will help you to learn about referring domains and by whom your competitors have already been recommended. You could then approach the referring domain’s author and supplement your competitor’s information with better, original and up-to-date content. If your content is more insightful and adds value to their audience, you have a chance of being referred as an additional useful resource.

Find content that is similar or relevant to the piece you have, place its URL into SEMrush Competitors Research tool and look for “Referring Domains.” SEMrush gives you a specific location, revealing pages that have linked to your competitors’ content.

When making contact with a website owner, be social and friendly, follow the referring domain’s news, social media personas and compliment their work.

Organize your contact lists when you’re approaching people. Keep a spreadsheet with the dates, names, the content you are contacting them about and their email addresses. Also, you should track your results by making notes on whether they have replied. Always send a follow up email a week later if they haven’t replied. If you have a number of websites to approach, split test your emails and see if one style of email is more successful than another.

What’s Next?

Don’t just rely on organic search traffic. Diversifying your traffic sources is always a smart move. These scalable traffic generation methods should help you establish an inspiring conversation between you, people who are interested in your brand and your potential customers. The more unique and personal approach to outreach you have, the more opportunity you have to stand out in the crowd.

Indre Simanynaite

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Indre Simanynaite is a digital marketer at FE International where she manages outreach strategy. Indre is a book lover, passionate about media and European politics. She is also a blogger and loves ice skating.
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