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Improve Your Conversion Rate with Google Website Optimizer

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Improve Your Conversion Rate with Google Website Optimizer

Marketers realize the importance of having a higher conversion rate. The success of your campaign hinges on the number of visitors you are able to convert. This is why making use of the tools available for improving conversion rates is crucial. The Google Website Optimizer is one tool you can use to enhance the conversion rate of your website. The Google web optimizer tests your website and determines whether or not it is geared towards converting visitors.

The best thing about the optimizer is that it is completely free to use. Being a multivariate application, the optimizer can be used for various kinds of testing include ab testing Google. This way, you can decide on the best website design for converting visitors. The optimizer works best for marketers who are running PPC and SEO campaigns to drive traffic to landing pages for the purpose of conversion. Testing the landing page provides you the feedback you need to improve the conversion rate.

Why A Higher Conversion Rate is Important

There are several reasons why website conversion optimization is a must for all marketers. Since the tools for optimizing your landing page or website is available to you, there is no reason for you not to go for it. Before that, here are some reasons why a higher conversion rate is important.

Gain an Edge over Your Competitors

Your website can get lost in the crowd. The competition in the PPC and SEO campaigns market is on the rise which means that you are competing with more marketers than ever. This is why you have to make an effort to have your website stand out from the rest. Using web design to entice conversions could be an ace in the hole for you.

Get a Higher Return on Investment

Your website could be losing a lot of money everyday simply because it isn’t designed in a way which compels visitors. Hence, your conversion rate is going to be low despite no fault on your part. Poor web design can ruin the results of a well-managed campaign which goes to show the importance of using a website optimization service to turn things around.

Achieve Success without Spending a Dime

As mentioned before, the Google Website Optimizer is completely free to use. You can test your website without having to worry about the cost, since there is absolutely none! What this means is that you can optimize your website to gain a higher return on investment without having to spend a dime. If this isn’t an amazing deal, what is?

Of course, you have to ensure you are using the tool in the best way possible to get the results you are looking for.

Tests You Can Run

If there is one shortcoming of the Google web optimizer, it is that it doesn’t provide any guidelines on the best tests to use. Therefore, you have to decide yourself the tests you are going to run. You can choose a-b testing or other multivariate tests. These are the two options you can choose from: split testing and multivariate testing. Multivariate testing is itself broken down into various other testing variables.

Split Testing

Split testing is also commonly known as a-b testing. As the name suggests, split testing is carried out through ‘splitting’. Two different elements of advertising are compared through testing. The conditions in which the two elements are tested are the same so you can get an accurate idea of which one is better. This is often done by using the same ad copy on two website or landing pages. The marketer can then test which site is producing better results.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing allows you to test one or more variables of your website at a time. Using the Google Website Optimizer, you have the option of testing up to 8 elements simultaneously. These include the headlines, calls to action, and images. This gives you the ability to check even the smallest elements of your websites. However, it also requires you to run many different tests. When carrying out ab testing Google, you only have to run one test.

There are advantages and drawbacks to both split and multivariate testing. The main thing to keep in mind is that both of them produce the same result: improved conversion rate. You can make changes to your website keeping in mind the results you get through the tests you run and you will be able to convert more visitors.

Boost Website Optimization with SEMrush

You can complement the results you get by using SEMrush. This is particularly important for marketers running SEO campaigns. The SEMrush platform provides you various tools you need for improving your search engine rankings and getting more traffic to your website. You can use SEMrush to generate the traffic you want and the optimizer to test your website. This way, you can increase both the traffic to your landing page as well as the conversion rate you have been able to achieve.

Every online ad campaign requires robust testing be carried out to keep costs down and increase profitability. The Google Website Optimizer enables you to do just that free of cost. You will observe the improvement in conversion rates in no time at all. So, get started with website conversion optimization using the free tool provided by Google. There is no reason for you not to use it!

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