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Increase Search Engine Ranking By Boosting Your Page Loading Speed

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Increase Search Engine Ranking By Boosting Your Page Loading Speed

There are few things more frustrating for a visitor to your landing page than to discover the page load speed is slow. Internet users are not the most patient bunch of people and are likely to click away or close the browser if the page does not load within a few seconds. If you want to convince your visitors to spend more time on your landing page or website, it is imperative that you work towards improving the site load time so the visitors stick around.

Think for yourself: if you visited a website and it didn’t load quickly, you would be tempted to shut the browser down. In this day and age, when hundreds of websites offer the solutions people are looking for, you cannot afford to lose visitors just because of the page load time. It could be one of the reasons why you aren’t able to convert genuine leads even when you get them to your landing page. However, that is not the only way in which you might be losing out because of a slow page loading speed.

Often, marketers don’t realize that the loading speed has a major impact on the search engine ranking of their page. Hence, boosting page speed SEO is essential for the success of your online marketing campaign. It could prove to be the catalyst for your increased search engine ranking. This makes it all the more crucial for you to boost your page loading speed to increase the search engine ranking of your landing page.

The rule of thumb when it comes to page load speed is that the more content you put on your landing page, the longer it takes to load completely. However, this doesn’t mean that having no content on your website is the solution for this problem. There are some specific technical aspects of your website’s design which could help improve the site load time considerably for benefiting your SEO campaign and increasing the conversion rate.

Switch to HTML

HTML files are considered the quickest to load. Making your landing page on HTML will improve the loading speed considerably. If you have been using CMS or any other platform, switching to HTML could prove to be a worthwhile move for boosting the page load speed.

Remove Spaces in Code

One of the oft ignored aspects of a landing page’s web design that may cause it to slow down is the spaces the developer or programmer leaves between the lines of code. There are several redundant spaces in the code, in the JavaScript, HTML and the likes. Make sure you remove any unnecessary spaces to optimize loading time.

Reduce Image Size

Images and videos make up bulk of the heavy content you can upload to your landing page. The importance of images cannot be ignored hence removing them from the website is not a viable option. Rather, what you should do is to use programs like Photoshop to reduce the sizes of the images. This would automatically make them lighter and improve the loading time of your landing page. Also make sure there aren’t too many images on your landing page.

Turn Caching On

The cache of your website is a temporary storage space where the files and documents are saved. This lets the user navigate through the website without any trouble and at an optimum page load speed. Turn the caching feature on would reduce the bandwidth usage of your website making it faster to load for the users. They won’t have to wait too long for the pages to load entirely.

Deactivate Widgets

Last, but not the least, you should only place social media widgets on your website if you are sure they are going to be used. Nearly every website on the internet has the widgets for Facebook, Twitter and the likes. Keep an eye on the number of visitors who actually click on the widgets. Then you will get a clear idea of whether you should persist with the widgets. At the end of the day, the widgets also impact the page load speed.

These are some of the technical aspects of your website you can address to improve its loading time. You can use tools like SEMrush to make the job easier for you. As the name SEMrush is a resource for improving the results of your search engine marketing strategies. Using it for optimizing your landing page’s site load speed will help you with SEO and deliver the results you are looking for. Make the most of the tools available to you.

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