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Increasing Google AdWords Click-Through-Rate: How to Create an Effective Text Advertisement?

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Increasing Google AdWords Click-Through-Rate: How to Create an Effective Text Advertisement?

When creating ads for your campaign, it is imperative that you add high value ad keywords to the text you are going to use else your ads wouldn’t be optimized in the best way possible. Getting people to click through on an ad is difficult enough and without using the right keywords, it becomes even more challenging. Though there are many factors that determine whether or not your text ads are effective or not, it is the content which is the key to your success. After all, the content is all people get to see when you have a plain Jane text ad.

Still, you cannot ignore the technical aspects of making your text ads effective. From using the right URL format for the ad to adding Google UTM, there are a number of things that you have to take into consideration. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to get the clickthrough rate (CTR) you had been hoping for. When it comes posting ads on Google AdWords, the CTR plays a major role in determining whether or not you will earn a decent return on investment. So, you need to take the correct steps to give your text ads the best chance of having a high Google AdWords CTR.

Here are some of the ways in which you can create an effective text advertisement.

Creating Perfect Content

The content has to be virtually perfect. Not only do you need to grab the reader’s attention but also engage in a way that they are compelled to perform the desired action, which is this case is clicking on the ad. Substandard ad copy is a major deterrent for readers and they aren’t likely to give much heed to poorly written ads. As mentioned above, the keywords you use in the ads go a long way towards improving your CTR. To find the right keywords to include in your text ads, use SEMrush keyword analyzer. SEMrush is a tool that provides features you can use to drive your website to the top of the search rankings.

So, what makes content perfect?


Keywords are the most important part of the content with regards to optimizing your ads. You need to have high value and relevant keywords in your ad copy to stand a chance of having a high CTR for your AdWords ads. Use the Broad Match Modifier to make the best use of broad and phrase keywords with greater control.

Simplified Description

An ad that describes what you have to offer or the problem you can solve for the readers in a simple way is more likely to be clicked on. If you compare that to an ad that uses technical jargon, it is quite possible the readers might not even understand what the ads means. So, avoid lingo related to your niche as your readers may not be familiar with it.

Talking to the Audience

Keeping in line with the previous point, the text in your ad should resonate with the readers. It is only possible if it is written in a way that appeals to them. Using heavy words when not required or filling up the content with technical terms is a surefire way to drive people away rather than get them to click on your ads.

Call to Action

An effective piece of content has to make use of call to action phrases. You really need to galvanize the readers to do something and that is only possible with a punchy call to action. You can add the phrases at the beginning of the ad copy or right at the end.

These are some of the ways in which you can create the perfect ad copy to use in your text ads. You have to remember that you only have a limited number of words with which to compel the readers to click on it. There are no fancy graphics or images that can do the job for you.

Being Technically Proficient

Once you have created the right content, it is time to tackle the technical part of creating effective text ads. There is no doubt that you have to get your readers to click through the content but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the technical part. In particular, the way your ad is displayed on the web plays a big part in convincing people to click on it. Therefore, there are certain aspects you have to work on, including:

  • The URL Format – the format being used for the URL of the page the ad is posted on has to be accurate
  • Google UTM – using UTMs in text ads enables you to find out where the traffic is coming from
  • AdWords Tools –you have to analyze the performance of your ads to decide if you want to continue with them or not.

So, creating effective text ads boils down to finding the right balance between the content you create and the technical aspect of it. You can consider them the two pillars holding up the structure. Even if one of the two is shaky, the quality of the text ad would suffer drastically and its Google AdWords CTR would reduce considerably. If you want to attract more clicks on your ads (who doesn’t?), you have to improve the quality of the content as well as making your ads more technically proficient than before. Only then will you get the results you are looking for.

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