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[Infographic] 5 Crucial YouTube SEO Tactics You Need to Use

Anton Eliasson
[Infographic] 5 Crucial YouTube SEO Tactics You Need to Use

It's 2015, and video is still something brands and marketers are having trouble figuring out.

  • Should we self-host or put our videos on YouTube?
  • Should I use Facebook’s new video embed?
  • How can I measure ROI on video?, etc.

There are many aspects about video marketing that confuse marketers today. But the fact is that video has numerous positive effects for marketers, SEO being one of the big ones.

Fifty-five percent of all Google keyword searches and 82% of those videos are from YouTube. Google has essentially killed all other video hosting sites (in terms of their ability to rank in the SERPs), and if you’re not putting videos on YouTube, you are seriously missing out.

Google's favoritism toward YouTube has massively increased the importance of YouTube as a marketing and SEO tool. The team at Shakr has put together this infographic on the most important tactics you should use to increase the ability for your YouTube videos to rank.



Many brands and marketers have started using YouTube to put out great content that engages their audience and helps them gain a strong presence on Google. If you’re not one of them, you might seriously be missing out.

Have any questions about the infographic or video SEO? Let me know in the comments!

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Anton Eliasson heads up editorial and content marketing at Shakr. Shakr gives video super powers to small businesses and individuals to create stunning videos that help them boost their business.
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