[Infographic] A Golfer's Guide to Writing Great Content

Chris Rowe

Jun 08, 20154 min read
A Golfer's Guide to Writing Great Content

Writing great content can be like playing a game of golf. (Really!)

Just as you would approach any round of golf using the game's tried and true rules, you likewise can apply a reliable set of standards to writing content. When you want to enjoy the same success with writing that you have on the green, you can approach your content game with these important writing rules in mind.writing-great-content-infographic

Have a Plan

Before you tee off with your writing, you should establish your pre-game plan. Like you would survey a golf course, you should consider how much time you have to devote to your writing game and whether or not you have the skill to finish successfully. With a plan in place, you can then prepare to advance to the next step of content creation.

Know Your Audience

Setting up your first tee into your writing game also requires that you know your audience. You want to make sure that you create content that will reach the right people and will be helpful to those you are targeting. Once you know your audience, you can set the tone and pace for which you proceed through the rest of your course.

Pick a Working Topic

Picking a topic for your content is like picking out a good club with which to play. You want your topic to fit well, feel right, and be something you can work with for the duration of the creative process. This step may require that you try out several topics before finally choosing one that feels good to you and gives you the confidence you need to finish successfully.

Make an Outline

Every good golfer knows the importance of outlining his or her strategy for winning. You can create a successful and engaging piece of content by making an outline to follow for your writing. An outline will ensure you stay on task and avoid straying off topic.

Choose an Engaging Headline

The headline you choose for your content acts as the tee on which you will set your proverbial ball. If your headline is shaky and weak, you will be unable to make good contact with your readers. A good title may pose a question to your readers, solve a problem, provide useful and entertaining tips, or quote statistics, among other ideas. Just like the quality of your tee can set the tone for your golf game, your headline can likewise set the tone for the content you create.

Use a Topic or Title Generator

If you genuinely cannot come up with a good topic or title, you can avoid taking strokes off your game by using an online topic or title generator, such as the one found on HubSpot. Keeping your writing score intact should be a priority, which is why such generators are helpful to writers who sometimes have off days while playing the content creation game.

Use Meta Descriptions

Your first tee off into the game requires you start off on solid ground. When you want your article to have a solid base, you should use a meta description. This brief article description will help you reach your intended audience and also make sure that your article has the deepest impact on the virtual content course.

Write an Introduction

Just like you cannot jump into the middle of a golf game, you likewise need to ease into your content creation by writing a good introduction. Your introduction will give your readers a heads-up about what to expect with your article. It will also be the hook you need to keep them engaged and interested in your writing.

Overcome Writing Obstacles

The rules of content creation allow you to move obstacles out of your way. One of the biggest obstacles writers like you face involves running out of ideas or being uncertain about the path you are taking with your writing. You can overcome this huge obstacle simply by persisting in your creative efforts. Just keep writing with the realization that you can always go back later and edit your content.

Practice Makes Perfect

Few golfers have beginner's luck on the green. When you want to create the most perfect content possible, you must practice often. Well before your project's due date, you should set time aside for editing and also practice your writing to ensure it is as concise, engaging, and articulate as possible.

Focus on Formatting

Your content game can be jeopardized with poor formatting. Like loose sediments that can make it difficult to proceed to each hole on the course, poor formatting can confuse your readers and in general turn them away from your writing. You can remove this risk by using consistent formatting throughout your project.

Clean Up Your Content

Just as you can clean your ball during a game of golf, so can you clean up your content before you release it to your audience. Including elements like paragraph headers, bullet lists, pictures, and videos can make your content look sharp, interesting, and convenient. Include a Call to Action

You can be a helpful caddy to your reader by including a call to action at the end of your article. Like a golfer unsure of the next move, your readers may need your advice about what path to pursue in their own game plans.

Avoid Keyword Cramming

Taking a fair swing in your content creation requires that you avoid keyword cramming. You do not need to push or cram your point across to your readers. Your readers will understand your content better when you keep your keyword count reasonable.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendly content proves to be the perfect hole-in-one approach to this creative game. Many people today use tablets, cell phones, and other devices to read online content. You can end your game successfully by making sure your content is accessible to mobile users.

Writing great content is like playing a round of golf. These tried and true rules of writing will help you tee off and make contact with your readers successfully each time.

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