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Interesting Facts: Most Popular Keywords People Search For

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Interesting Facts: Most Popular Keywords People Search For

Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and several other search engines provide internet users much more than simple search results to keywords. The applications of these platforms extend far beyond the realm of “surfing”.

For the average internet user, search engines are a ready source of information. Since they provide accurate results, people save a lot of time by looking for information on the internet. Moreover, if you know how to type in the proper keywords, the precision for the results increases significantly.

For instance, typing a word or phrase in quotation marks brings up only those results that have the exact same words. Moreover, leading search services like Google or Yahoo even allow you to determine the type of web source to be searched.

If we delve more deeply, students and those involved in research also benefit from the quality of search engines to provide information from a variety of sources. These include soft-copy books, online encyclopedia, news stories, published research, blogs developed around special themes, and discussion boards.

However, our interest lies more in how the internet helps in the realm of marketing and entrepreneurship. Even if you are not involved in ecommerce directly, you will still require a strong voice online to promote your business.

Moreover, as the usage of internet rivals (and possibly exceeds) the traditional media, search engines are continually specializing their functionality in order to provide only quality content to their users. Those who are involved in online marketing endeavors like SEO, PPC, and even blogging, know the challenges that lie in getting high rankings on Google.

A separate article (or a series of articles) is required to fully examine the technical aspects of services like Google AdWords that are designed for internet marketers. Currently, we will only discuss the most popular keyword searches in the past few months and how you can use them to develop an online marketing strategy.

To reiterate the point about search engines being highly specialized in their functionality, Google Zeitgeist helps you indentify the top search terms for any given year for any country where Google is used!

Here is what Google Zeitgeist revealed about the top keywords in 2012. Note that you even guess who leads the search engine rankings by observation, but in order to develop a keyword list, you need to have the exact statistics.

Leading the chart were the terms “Whitney Houston”, “Gangnam Style”, and “Hurricane Sandy” on the top 3 positions respectively. One would have expected the 2012 Summer Olympics to have ranked highly as well, and the “Olympics 2012” search term came in at number 7.

Also note that Google Zeitgeist provides the top searched keywords for different categories, such as “Images”, “People”, “Movies”, and “Consumer Electronics” etc.

Other lists of the most searched keywords on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis are provided by websites like the Yahoo Buzz Index. Such lists do more than providing quick entertainment. You not only find out what people are into at the moment, but you can even make some short-term predictions about the popularity of certain keywords.

Currently, the most popular keywords include “Iron Man 3”, “Chicago Bulls”, and “Lindsay Lohan”. Also remember that these are popular keywords on a general level. Tools like Google AdWords help you to find the top trending keywords in your niche, even if you run a plumbing service.

If you want to improve your online visibility, you will have to use these keyword tools to your advantage and make people find you when they conduct an online search.

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