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Intro to Blab: Participation Guide

Cheval John
Intro to Blab: Participation Guide
Blab is one of the most unique live streaming platforms in the world today. People can participate in a conversation while the live streaming of the shows is going on.
What is even more amazing is that those who are watching the show can also take part in the show by jumping in the conversation after the host accepts you.
Like Periscope, Blab has what is called "props" next to the person who is on the video platform.
When a person says something that brings value to the audience, they hit the prop button to let them know that they liked their message. The only difference is that Blab allows many people to build a community and participate in the conversation as it is happening.
They can participate in the comment section and also if the host can accept them into the "open seat," then they can be part of the show. Many people have used blab to showcase their expertise in their respective fields. and even gain business from their participation in blab.
Blab Apple Touch IconRobert C. Stern is a great example of this. He has provided value in so many chats as a host and guest that he has gained business and will be doing an 8-month tour across the country to show small business owners how to succeed with their companies using social media.
Even up and coming musicians have been discovered on Blab, for example Kaylee Rose, a singer whose music is a blend of hip hop and country. Ms. Rose was on Rachel Creveling's blab and was performing her single "Good Intentions" and other songs.
In an instant, she was connected to the Nappy Roots' manager, who was watching Mrs. Creveling's show at the very moment. You can say now that Ms. Rose will be closer to achieving her goals of making it in the music business because of her "concert" on Blab. And podcasters can now use blab to record their podcast because of the simple technology and also gain a new audience in the process.

3 Rules for Blabbing:

That said, many are making inappropriate comments during the blab shows. If you want to be remembered as a great participant on blab, then here are some advice that will allow you to stand out from the crowd:

1. Be Respectful to the Participants

Though Blab is a great place for conversation, it does not give you the right to put down other people. It is okay to disagree on certain topics, but disagree in the right way.

2. Only Join The Conversation Seat When Prompted by the Host

Not only is it rude to just jump in on the conversation without the host's permission, it's also arrogant. When you have nothing great to add to the conversation that will impact people for the better, it wastes everyone's valuable time.

3. Don't Be A Troll

When someone only wants to chat on the conversation about their product or service or change the subject entirely, they leave a bad impression to everyone – not just about them, but their brand.
Have you tried blab yet? Let us know what you think about it in the comments. Share your successes and your war stories.

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