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iPhone 5: Searches Amidst the Speculation

Kerin Foster
iPhone 5: Searches Amidst the Speculation

There is a great deal of speculation in the Apple world with the presumed impending unveiling of the iPhone 5 on September 12th. Clearly there is a vast amount of interest relative to the release, but the question remains: what are Apple customers the most intrigued by when it comes to this long-awaited event?

With the completion of a minimal amount of research using SEMrush, we can discover exactly what iPhone hopefuls are searching for with regards to Apple’s most innovative phone.

First and foremost, look at how many search results there are when searching the term iphone5. 6.8 billion results! This very obviously confirms that there is a great deal of discussion about the newest Apple product. In addition to this generalized search, there are many opinions about what the new iPhone is going to feature in particular, but there are no definitive answers as of yet.

Keyword Summary:

Looking at all of the search terms that arise for iphone5, we can see that the public is interested in facts such as if the exterior is going to be aluminum, and even news related to the Apple manufacturer, Foxconn. The CEO of Foxconn has even asserted back in June that the new iPhone is going to undoubtedly surpass the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Besides being engrossed in the iPhone 5 rumor mill in general, users also seem to be captivated by nfc, or near field communications (the key aspect to mobile payments). If we were to search iphone5 nfc, we are presented with varying results providing theories as to whether or not the iPhone5 will actually contain an NFC chip, but these are of course just allegations:

It has been articulated by numerous reporting sites that based on the “leaked” photos of the iPhone 5 that there is not enough room for the NFC chip to be housed within the casing, but until September 12th finally rolls around, no one will know for sure.

iPhone 5: Who is Bidding?

After researching the keywords iPhone 5 and iPhone5 release date, it looks as though AT & T is bidding, but not Verizon or other potential carriers such as Sprint and T-Mobile. This bares the question: why might AT & T be the sole bidder? Perhaps they are fearful that the other carriers are going to have more success with the iPhone 5 and hence are relying on advertising?

If we dig just a little bit deeper and search for att iphone 5, as the above image depicts, we are presented with results that are claiming that the release of the iPhone 5 could harm AT & T’s business exponentially, since the new iPhone allegedly includes LTE. Verizon currently has LTE on their network and covers approximately 75% of the US population while AT & T is still in the building stages of their LTE network. Therefore AT & T, who was formerly the largest (and first) iPhone carrier, could potentially be significantly impaired and may also lose customers to Verizon due to the upcoming release of the iPhone 5.

Keyword Spending:

The above representation is relative to the keyword spending for Verizon, AT & T, and Sprint, and it is made apparent that AT & T has always been dispensing out the largest expenditure. However, Verizon has recently increased their keyword spending most likely due to the impending release.

While there is going to continue to be speculation until 9/12/12, there is no way to definitively distinguish precisely what the iPhone 5 is going to entail and what kinds of new gadgets and functions it will have. At least until that time we can continue to be entertained by the rumors and eventually verify the validity of them all. So don’t lose any sleep, the much anticipated iPhone 5 will be here before we know it.

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