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Is Your Search Marketing Changing with the Times?

Megan Totka
Is Your Search Marketing Changing with the Times?

As marketers, we know that nothing we do is permanent. Our audience will move from generation to generation, and we’ll have to learn to speak to them in different ways. Technology will grow and adapt, and we’ll have to adapt with it. Search is one of these ever-changing elements of marketing that marketers must contend with. In recent years, there has been a decided shift in the way search engines operate, so many standard practices are now out of date. Have you adjusted to the new era of search engine marketing?

More Content

It’s common knowledge that Google favors good content, so you’ve likely already refocused your marketing towards a content-driven strategy. But did you know that longer content is actually now at the forefront of Google’s search algorithm. In fact, the average word count in content marketing has increased by 25% since last year, averaging at nearly 1,200 words per page. This flies in the face of the old adage that less is more, so it might be time to rethink the way you create content.

Get Them, Keep Them

Getting someone to click on your search result has long been the end game of search engine marketing, but clicks aren’t actually the most important goal. Instead, marketers should now be aiming to draw visitors and keep them engaged with the site for longer periods of time. The longer a user spends on your site, the better your ranking. So create gripping content, use engaging images and infographics, and most importantly: know your audience.

Be Social

Social media has taken the marketing world by storm, and populating your feeds with great material isn’t the only worthwhile aspect of these various platforms. Instead, bring a little of that socialness to your website with buttons offering all sorts of social actions, from likes to pins, tweets to shares. Google takes these buttons to mean that you’re generating likeable, shareable content, and you’re more likely to get a ranking boost as a result. While you’re at it, make sure you’re not committing any common social media mistakes.

Don’t Forget the Technical

From HTML to HTTPS encryption, there are a wide variety of technical tools that search engines are paying attention to. Header tags, large images, and other elements are quickly becoming very important to these algorithms, so be sure you don’t ignore them when you’re updating a web page or adding a new blog post. If you offer a secure, feature-rich environment for your audience to enjoy, you’re more likely to have a higher ranking in the search results.

Of course, everything you learn about search engine marketing may change in the near future, but that’s the exciting thing about marketing. It’s fast-paced, relevant, and very in-the-moment. What you do matters now, so make sure you’re doing it well with these four search engine marketing tips.

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