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Keyword Research: The Ways to Find Profitable Keyword Ideas for Your Business

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Keyword Research: The Ways to Find Profitable Keyword Ideas for Your Business

What makes one website’s search engine promotion campaign successful and another’s not? Why do some websites reap almost instant benefits enjoying high conversions while others put a lot of efforts and resources only to still get poor results?

One of the core elements of a successful SEO campaign is correctly implemented seo keyword research. Keywords for which the website is being promoted has a direct impact on its ranking in search engines and traffic volume. If the webmaster has chosen the right keywords, the website will definitely start seeing growth in its revenue over time. So what are the requirements for having the right keywords for website promotion? Let’s go through the some keyword research tips.

Profitable keywords basics

  • Keywords with revenue generation ability should not be too competitive; this means they shouldn’t have a soaring number of monthly searches in Google, because it is very challenging to make it to the top 10 search results; the resources you need to achieve that will not cover your expenses at all
  • The right keywords that will help you attract substantial traffic to your site should still have a decent number of search queries per month, because if you select words with too low of a search rate you won’t achieve a sufficient flow of visitors
  • The best keywords should be from niches with medium competitiveness. For example: two-word or three-word terms; such keywords make it easier to get decent rankings in search engines while driving enough potential buyers to the website
  • One other reason keywords should have just moderate competitiveness:  the time factor. Keywords with medium search volume helps websites get visible results in a period of a few months
  • Keywords for websites should be economically reasonable. Expenses on link building campaigns should leave enough space for profit from the sales increase they have triggered. Again, keywords of moderate competitiveness generally meet this criteria

Tools to use in profitable keywords research

There are numerous methods to find keywords ideas for your site. Of great help here are special keyword research tools, created specifically to assist webmasters and business owners with keyword searches, turning this challenging process into a piece of cake. SEMrush offers a superb toolkit to conduct this kind of research. Right now we will take a look at the most common ways to select right keywords with this keyword research seo tool.

  • Analyze your current keywords - to perform such exploration, go to the Organic research block on the right hand menu and select Positions. In the Organic keywords table, which will be opened, you will see a list of keywords for which your site is being currently ranked in the top 20 results in organic searches. To know which search queries are the best out of this list, click the Pos column at the top and all the keywords will be graded depending on the rank they have in the search engine. Those keywords which bring your site the best results should be left

Take the best from your competitors – competitor keyword research matters; determine direct competitors in your niche and see what keywords they are using to get traffic to the site. Staying in the same Organic research block, choose the Competitors section. You will be presented with the useful table named Competitors in organic search where you will be quickly determine the closest competitors thanks to the Competition level column. Click any site from this list and you will see the keywords for which competitor’s site is ranked in the search engines

  • Find the keywords companies are ready to pay for – another great idea is to learn what keywords related to your site other companies are using to display ads in the search engines. Enter your site URL in the search line and select the Overview block. Scroll down and find the table dedicated to Potential ads/traffic buyers. There you will see what companies, selling similar kind of products or services, buy paid traffic. To know for which keywords they are buying this traffic exactly, click any of them and you will be taken to another tab where you will be able to view ad keywords
  •  Get better versions of the keywords you are using – sometimes it happens that two versions of a keyword with a slight difference have vastly different traffic. To know for sure which version is the best, enter the keyword you think is most important to use in site promotion into the search line and jump to the Keyword research block. There you will find Phrase match report and Related keywords report which will give you lots of keyword suggestions with corresponding search volume for each of them.

SEMrush lets you easily process the data you receive. You can grade the data right in the program, using different filters, or you can save the information to your computer and do keyword analysis research when it is convenient for you. Applying the criteria we mentioned at the beginning, you will be able to select profitable keywords for your business.

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