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Keywords Groups in PPC: Lower Costs, Higher Profits for Your PPC

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Keywords Groups in PPC: Lower Costs, Higher Profits for Your PPC

Did you know you could lower the costs of your PPC campaign by grouping your keywords? Marketers often complain about the costs involved in using PPC marketing but they overlook one of the best ways in which they can save money on their campaign. When the costs go down, profitability increases and your PPC marketing efforts become more efficient. Hence, there is no reason for you not to create keyword groups. All you have to do is to learn how to make the most of ad group keyword.

Using keyword grouping, you can

  • Increase the click-through rate of your ads
  • Improve the Quality Score of your keywords and ads
  • Manage the budget for your PPC campaign in a better way
  • Develop landing pages that generate more conversions

Importance of Keyword Grouping for PPC Campaigns

Most marketers have large blocks of keywords that they use for their campaigns. When you group them together, the data you have becomes more organized therefore making it easier for you to access and use it. Often marketers and advertisers don’t pay much attention to efficiency and that is what ends up driving their costs upwards and decreasing their profitability. What you have to understand is that arranging keywords in ad group will enable you to target your niche in a more effective way.

When you are employing a keyword grouping tool to organize keywords, they are sorted out by relevance. It enables you to use focused keywords which target your audience in a better way. The search engines also recognize campaigns that are using specific keywords and not just any keyword you think is relevant to your campaign. As a result, your search engine rankings improve considerably and the Quality Score improves. This virtually guarantees that the cost of your PPC would decrease.

How to Group Keywords

You can see how efficient your PPC campaign would be if you group the keywords. So, there is great incentive for you to work towards keyword grouping. There are three simple steps you can follow to get started on the right track.

1. Create a List of Keywords

Before you can decide the keywords per ad group, you have to build the list of keywords you are going to use in your campaign. You can use Analytics to help you find the best keywords according to your niche. You can create a comprehensive list as grouping enables you to organize them in an efficient manner. That way, you don’t have to compromise on any keyword you want to include in your campaign. So, add as many keywords as you feel are relevant to your campaign. However, make sure you don’t include any duplicate keywords or other such keywords which are virtually useless.

2. Segment the Keyword List

Once you are done with the list, it is time to start organizing it in the best way possible. For this, you will need to segment the keywords. Look for common themes you can find among the keywords. For instance, you can segment the keyword list by product, type of keyword (long-tail, single-word) or cost. An easy way to do this is to look for the words which appear the most in your list. In other words, you have to evaluate the keyword density of the list you have created.

3. Add Keywords to Groups

The last step is, of course, adding keywords to different groups. Segmenting the keywords and organizing them makes it easier for you to add the keywords per ad group. Still, it would be a tedious task for you to complete. You would have to do a lot of typing as well as copying and pasting. The task is by no means difficult but can take up a lot of time and effort. At the end of the day, it is for the benefit of your PPC campaign so it is well worth your while to do so.

Avoid the Hassle with SEMrush

Yet, you don’t need to put in that much effort at all. There is an effective keyword grouping tool available for you to use, SEMrush. This means you don’t have to do much. Simply get the tool for yourself and get started with your PPC campaign. Not only will SEMrush help you with keyword grouping but also help you find the best keywords for your campaign. You can also check the keywords which are being used by your competitors.

So, you effectively have to do nothing except get a keyword grouping tool to lower the costs of your PPC marketing campaign. When the Quality Score improves and the search engines rankings increase, your PPC campaign will become more profitable. All this without you have to do nothing out of the ordinary!

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