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Keywords research - mining new keyword trends

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Keywords research - mining new keyword trends

There has been a lot said already about the methods of finding the best keywords for SEO or paid searches. The algorithm is pretty straightforward and covers a certain range of tools and approaches that can be applied in order to determine the best keyword set. But how do you find keywords for SEO or ads if we want to think a little bit outside the box and give our business a fresh look? What if we want to say something new with our website and services or products we are going to offer? How do we discover trends that are just picking up the pace which later will enable us to choose the right keywords for website promotion?

To answer these questions, we are going to give an overview of several methods of trend searching and keyword discovery, which could be directly applied if you ever happen to be puzzled by such a problem.

Monitor the niche news

The first solution - and it is pretty helpful indeed – is observing the trends that appear in the news. For this matter, you can select several trustworthy web sources which regularly publish fresh up-to-date information about your website niche. No doubt, the biggest trends in your business or general industry will be covered there, which will give you a handful of keyword ideas at once, should you decide to launch a new branch in your business.

Regularly check with Twitter trends

Very conveniently, trendy issues are marked with hashtags in tweets. The most popular hashtagged words are reflected in the trends block on the left side of the page. By default, they are tailored to your location and circle of people and organizations you are following, but you can change them to any other geographical location you specify.

Employ Google data in the Keyword Tool

If you already have a rough idea of what product or service you would like to offer and what keyword you think is potentially good for this purpose, you can check your suggestion in the Google Keyword Tool by adding another one column “Local Search Trends” to the list of columns in the table.

So it will look like this: you type in the keyword phrase, click “Search,” and for the each keyword suggestion apart from the standard information you’ll see the search trend. It can help you in two ways: it may tell you whether or not the keyword is gaining popularity and whether the keyword has monthly fluctuations in search volume throughout the year.

Make the most of Google Trends

Another helpful Google product which can assist you with your goals when you are searching for rising terms to incorporate is Google Trends. Firstly, there is Google Hot Trends which shows you what has been hot recently in online search in a particular region. Secondly, you can go to the Explore Trends tab where you can type the keyword and learn about: the tendency in the number of searches, regional distribution of the search volume, associated with this keyword terms which rise the most in terms of popularity. You can enter up to 5 such keyword ideas at once and compare them on the same graph.

Use professional keyword research software

It is great to know that there are also a number of keyword discovery tools that allow more well-grounded approaches to the keyword research process. Created specifically to help SEO specialists, webmasters and businesses find the best keyword ideas, they offer advanced solutions to everything related to the keyword research field.

For our example, we have chosen the SEMrush keyword research tool. To identify the trends, we entered the keyword “cloud services” and proceeded to the Keyword Research section on the left side bar. At the top of the page, you can see the Trend graph which shows the dynamics of monthly searches for the keyword we have entered over the last few months. If the graph clearly shows a positive tendency, it is a good prompt to incorporate this keyword for your business promotion.

Some additional information is also available on this page and can give you knowledge about the regional aspect of keyword usage (in case the keyword has being already been used by some companies). CPC distribution block shows the cost per click distribution between different Google local versions, such as Google.co.uk, Google.com.au, etc.

Finally, similarly to the Google Keyword Tool, you can check the trend for each keyword idea if you roll out any of the tables placed below – Phrase match report or Related keywords report.


Finding new areas for business development is always a challenging task. However, if you pick the right trend and incorporate the corresponding keywords in your promotion strategy, you can be rewarded with higher profit. In order to keep on the right track in your trendy keywords research process, you can make use of a number of online tools and special software, as well as watch out for the emerging trends in niche news and social media.

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