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Lead Generation: Tips and Tricks #semrushchat

Elena Terenteva
Lead Generation: Tips and Tricks #semrushchat

Lead generation combines all marketing activities – direct marketing, social media, content marketing, PR, email marketing, etc. Plus, it requires strategic planning and lots of analysis. It also seems like a lot of work.

Today we'll reveal some lead generation secrets, shared by hundred of our participants and our guest experts Jaydip Parikh (@JaydipParikh), speaker, trainer, SEO consultant and Malhar Barai (@MalharBarai), speaker, blogger and co-founder of SEOTalk. Let’s start right away!

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There is no way to reach your goal if you don’t have one; but marketers sometimes overlook such an obvious idea. Don’t rely on luck and don’t blame lack of information. Planning and measuring should become a routine. “Establish KPIs, budgets and TRACK” - The Media Octopus ‏@themediaoctopus

Now that we have a plan, let’s put it into practice! Surprisingly all actions can fit into one tweet:

Without understanding your audience, your lead generation journey will be incomplete as well. When buying a birthday present for your friend, you must think about his or her needs, dreams, hobbies, preferences and lifestyle – this is what makes your present special. Why not to think of your customer as a good friend? This will help you to understand “conversion paths and deliver the right content at the right time”– Nathan Grimm ‏@n8ngrimm

When you know your audience, everything will become easier. You know what you are going to offer, so wrap it up in the best possible way!

Don’t be pushy and noisy – find a way to make your offer in a pleasant manner. Partly it refers to the UX – great content and a unique proposition will have no value if they’re hard to reach, or if the reader is constantly distracted. No, don’t follow Devin’s advice – do it vice versa! ;)

And remember that there is always room for a better option.

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Now it’s time to talk about specific lead generation channels. So let’s start with email marketing. We compiled a check list of indispensable elements of the perfect email to a client as well as some general advice on how to make an email resonate in your users’ hearts and minds.

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 We want to thank following participants for their answers, which were used to create this checklist. 

Adeel Sami ツ ‏@AdeelMSami Altos ‏@altos Andrea Fine ‏@AndreaFine Brad Roberts ‏@Brad_MachineJesse Stoler ‏@JesseStoler Kyle ferretti ‏@KtferrettiLarry Prevost @larryprevostMention ‏@Mention Nem Radenovic ‏@nemkiReva Minkoff ‏@revaminkoffThe Media Octopus ‏@themediaoctopusThinkSEM ‏@ThinkSEM Tony Dimmock ‏@Tony_DWM 

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First and foremost, don’t forget that social media is all about relationships. If you want to sell products through your social media channels, you’ll get just a buyer-customer relationship, which implies short interactions.

But what we need is a community of loyal users, who can turn into brand advocates. “Only one mantra: Give to get" - Devilz Own ‏@PrasanjitBiz.

The value of the information you provide directly affects your community’s loyalty – “the goal is to, again, get them into your funnel by providing them with lots of value” - Kyle ferretti ‏@Ktferretti.

Still, there is always a place for cross promotion. Don’t forget about your main key messages.

Great thing about social media – it’s a personalized approach. Maybe it’s hard to interact with each of several thousand community members, but you can easily “connect and follow key influencers in your industry” – Rebecca Moss ‏@bexmoss.

Don’t neglect the influence of advertising – “if you can, pay for play. Social ads work if done right. Lots of info about audiences provided and good reporting” - Altos ‏@altos.

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As we said previously – tracking your results is not only essential, and it’s not just about counting leads. It’s about constant analytics, which include tons of different parameters. Lets’ take a look.

It’s not enough just to bring users to your landing page. “Dig a little deeper and understand your audience’s behavior. Track where they drop off from the funnel” - Malhar Barai ‏@MalharBarai.

Well, of course, if you are generating enough visits and leads, but you still haven’t accomplished your goals, you are probably missing something. “Conversion rate is always a big one since it looks past quantity and gets into quality of traffic” - Kirk Williams ‏@PPCKirk.

Use Google Analytics to collect general metrics. This will also give you a clue as to the actions users take on your site.

Your conversion success can be measured by considering factors other than just filled-out forms. Every activity counts. Focus on the ones that will best help you reach your goals.

But don’t mix your metrics with those that have nothing to do with conversion.

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Another checklist for you. Small lead generation aptitude test for real professionals!

Thank you for your Tweets!

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lead generation mistakes (1)

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No tool can replace a good worker. If your campaign-tracking results are telling you that the reason of low conversion rate is hidden in primordial shortcoming made on site, don’t try to measure results differed way, hoping that you’ll get new results. You’ll need to make some changes to improve.

Google Analytics is a classic – free and trustworthy. In the hands of a good marketer, it can provide lots of crucial data.

Now let’s move on to less obvious solutions.

A chat tool can definitely be a great help. No need to search, scroll, write to tech support – users can be hooked right away with immediate answers.

For social media, you can use Followerwonk, which will help you segment your followers, learn their activity patterns, and, as we were discussing previously, get to know your users, which is essential.

Let’s take a look at other recommended tools.

That's it for today! Hope you've got some useful information from this post! If you want some more, you are welcome to join us next time. Wednesday at noon (EST), #SEMrushchat hashtag!

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Elena Terenteva, Product Marketing Manager at SEMrush. Elena has eight years public relations and journalism experience, working as a broadcasting journalist, PR/Content manager for IT and finance companies.
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