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Learn how to find Top Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

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Learn how to find Top Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

Finally you have a website, and now you want to have it listed on the first page on Google. You already know the basic principles of how everything works for Search Engine Optimization in theory and now it's high time to start implementing it. The first and most obvious step is to find the best keywords for SEO. If you go the wrong direction at this point all further efforts will be useless. If everything is done right you will get highly targeted visitors that will convert into grateful customers and loyal consumers of your products, services or whatever you offer.

The first step is to collect as many relevant keywords as possible. Possible tactics for finding top SEO keywords include:


Try to visualize the situation as if you were your customer. What keywords would you use? It is usually easy to find at least one keyword that will describe the essence of your business. For example: you sell flight tickets online. In this case, the phrase “flight tickets online” would be a good start. If you have no idea how to move forward, use a keyword tool for generating keywords. Let’s take for example Semrush.com for further hints and ideas:

- Go to Semrush.com and type “flight tickets online” into the field shown on the screenshot:

- You will get a Phrase Match Report containing additional relevant keywords:

Steal your competitor’s keywords

Your competitors are a very good and highly qualitative source for relevant keywords. Their websites, and especially their meta-tags, will give you additional hints for potentially relevant keywords. Even if you don’t yet know who your direct competitors online are, you can easily find them. Just type the phrase “flight tickets online” in Google and there they are. As you can see on the screenshot, their titles give you hints on how to proceed with your SEO keyword research:

Obviously what we need to understand is: what additional keywords do your competitors use for their SEO activities?

Let’s go back to SEMrush.com and type the URL of one of your competitors into the same search field:

You can see that the website is ranked for more than 73,000 keywords:

Export all this data into an Excel sheet. Now you have to sort out the keywords by the search volume field and decide what keywords you will choose for SEO activities on your own project.

Brainstorming and competitor tracking are the most efficient tactics to find top SEO keywords for your further promotional activities. As you can see with SEMrush.com you can gain invaluable insights on both stages.

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