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Learn How to Use SEMrush: New Quick Tips and Tutorial Videos

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Learn How to Use SEMrush: New Quick Tips and Tutorial Videos

Luke Harsel
Learn How to Use SEMrush: New Quick Tips and Tutorial Videos

This past month, our team published a handful of helpful videos on different tools, including new Quick Tips about projects and updated Video Tutorials on Brand Monitoring and Display Advertising.

Quick Tips

What Are Projects?

Get an introduction to the SEMrush Projects section, where you can run a Site Audit, Position Tracking, SEO Ideas, Social Media Monitoring, use our Brand Monitoring tool and explore the PPC Keyword Tool.

How to Add Keywords to a Project in SEMrush

This video will show you how to add keywords to a Position Tracking, Brand Monitoring or SEO Ideas campaign after you’ve already set up your project.

Notes Feature

One of the newest features on SEMrush is the notes feature. Notes allow users to annotate Organic and Paid traffic trends with date-specific notes. We’ll automatically add notes on any dates we saw a Google update or an update to our database. You can also add your own custom notes to these graph.

Brand Monitoring Tutorial Videos

A Brand Monitoring campaign is a part of an SEMrush project that allows you to track the mentions of a branded keyword across the Internet on a daily basis. There are two tutorial videos if you need assistance using this tool, one for the Resources tab and one for the Mentions tab.

For more step by step instructions on how to use Brand Monitoring on SEMrush, check out the Brand Monitoring manual.

SEMrush Dashboard Tutorial Video

The SEMrush Dashboard is the page that appears after you log in to SEMrush with your account before entering any queries.

From this page, you can see overviews of your projects, check out SEMrush-related news, and track domain analytics of multiple domains.

Check out the tutorial video to learn more about how to fully customize your dashboard.

Display Advertising Tutorial Videos

The Display Advertising reports in SEMrush allow you to research advertisers and publishers using Google Adwords Display ads and the Google AdSense display ad network. There are four tabs within the Display Advertising section – an Overview, Advertisers tab, Publishers tab, and Top 30 tab.

This allows you to research your competitors that are advertising or publishing display ads online. You can pull reports on your competitors’ text and media ads, and see every domain where their ads were seen.

Take a look at these new resources and continue to learn about SEO and about all the ways SEMrush can help you achieve your marketing goals!  

Thanks for reading, and if you ever have any questions or comments about our software, feel free to reach our Customer Support team at +1-855-814-4510 or by email at [email protected]

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