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Maria Kalyadina

Live Content Audit of Jewelrybyjohan.com #semrushchat

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Maria Kalyadina
Live Content Audit of Jewelrybyjohan.com #semrushchat

In today’s highly competitive digital world, it’s important that companies ensure that their content marketing strategies are efficient. That’s why, during our latest SEMrushchat, we evaluated jewelrybyjohan.com, an ecommerce site that creates unique jewelry, with the help of our chat participants.

Want to know if your site has some of the same content mistakes? Check out the following recap:

Q1.After the first glance, what is one thing you would definitely change about the content on jewelrybyjohan.com?

  • The design is too busy.

If your site visitors have trouble navigating and finding what they want, there’s a big chance that they may leave and never come back. The design of your website can affect conversions and user experience (UX). According to David Chadderton‏ @webspressouk, this site could be more clearer and more stylish, especially on mobile.

  • There's too much code for Google to crawl through.

According to stackpath.com, when it comes to generating a page or running a script, web browsers aren’t concerned about the readability of code. JP Sherman - @jpsherman said that there is too much code for Google to crawl through on this site, including:

1. Minification. A fast and easy way to reduce a web application’s resource usage. Even with standard compression techniques, minification can improve the time needed to render a page by over 60%.

2. External .js & .css. These are added to the page as they are encountered in the page’s source. In the world of synchronous Ajax design patterns, the ability to fire up JavaScript and CSS on demand is becoming more and more handy.

3. External navigation code. This tag defines a set of navigation links. It’s important to remember that not all links of a document should be inside a <nav> element, instead, the <nav> element is intended only for a major block of navigation links. Browsers use this element to determine whether or not they should omit the initial rendering of this content.

  • Content is hidden below the fold.

Google wants your content above the fold, and so do users. According to Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D, Web users still spend 80% of their time reading above the fold. When visiting a website, you shouldn’t need to scroll down a page to see a site’s most important content. Staying above the fold was once about design and functionality, bit now, it’s one of the cardinal rules of content development and creation.

  • Too many product photos.

Human connection is key, and many of our chat participants agreed that this website has many beautiful shots of the jewelry, but there are not enough photos of happy people wearing them. Vikki - @cuteek believes that the website needs a human touch! Users love a story, there’s needs to be more than just products.

  • The blog articles are too short.

Many experts debate on how long a blog post should be. While some say that shorter is better, it really depends on your goals. Some of the highest ranking articles on Google are most often 2,450 words. What do you think is the best length for a blog post? Letus know in the comments!


Q2. Jewelrybyjohan.com has lost 5 keywords in mobile SERPs today. Should they get these back and if yes, what content should they write?


Here’s what our chat participants had to say:


Q3. SEMrush On Page SEO Checker offers over 200 ideas to improve jewelrybyjohan.com’s pages that rank on Page 2 of Google. How would you improve jewelrybyjohan.com/product-category/wedding-bands/mens-wedding-bands/ to get it to TOP-10?

SEMrush On Page SEO Checker identifies all of the on-page SEO factors that stop your pages from ranking higher and helps you benchmark yourself against your top 10 SERP rivals. The tool also offers actionable tips based on the conducted analysis, which for our analyzed domain included:

  • 7 Strategy ideas

  • 38 Backlink ideas

  • 9 SERP Features ideas

  • 45 Semantic ideas

  • 153 Content ideas

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Strategy Ideas

This can help you to find out which of your pages are ranking the highest and how you can optimize them to get more traffic. This is important so that you can decide which of your pages might be the best fit for your target keywords.

  • Backlink Ideas

This compares your pages with rival domains in the Google top 10 so that you can make an informed decision on how to improve your backlinks profile.

  • SERP Features Ideas

These ideas will help you to get your pages into Google SERP Features and help you to increase your visibility and click-through-rate. One of the suggestions that SEMrush gave is for Jewelry by Johan to mark up their aggregate rating. By adding this rating for the content by inserting a relevant markup code on your page, there is a chance that Google may reward you with a rich snippet that includes a row of golden stars. This rating helps your site to stand out amongst other sites in the SERPs and ensure that users can trust you.

  • Semantic Ideas

In order to provide users with the most relevant keywords for a particular search term, additional weight is now being placed on related words used in page content. Compared to some of Jewelry by Johan’s rivals, some related words are not present in their page's content.

  • Content Ideas

Keywords play an important role in how search engines rank websites. In order to get the best SEO results, you need to correctly use certain keywords on your site.

Last, but not least, Laura Ferrugia - @lauregg suggests that, for any of the pages, it could help to have influencers write blog articles reviewing the products that link to the pages.


Q4. What purpose should their blog have? Does the existing blog match it?

There are many reasons why businesses should have a blog in 2017. Whether your purpose is to promote a product or service, give awareness to certain social issues, or to share information on particular subjects, simply stated, having a blog can help with your website’s SEO. If you’re updating your blog regularly, you’re letting the search engines know that your website is fresh. It will get crawled more often and you have a better chance of getting ranked higher than a similar website with less updates.

According to Kevin Indig - @kevin_indig, a shop needs to fulfill the following functions: provide a big selection, guide users in making the right choice, inform users about new products and trends, and provide customer service. Jewelry By Johan’s blog could fulfill (at least) one of these.

Another suggestion, made by Komal Mansoor - @komalwriter, would be for them to create brand awareness. Currently, the blog doesn’t have much shareable, clickable, or exciting content. He says they should use social media to pull Instagram micro-influencers into sponsored posts.


What do you think are the most important reasons for businesses to have a blog? Let me know in the comments!

Q5. What did you especially like about digital content of jewelrybyjohan.com and how can they utilize it more?

Although there is some work to do in order to improve this site, it definitely has some strengths. We can all agree that this is a nice site with a lot of potential, “if they build the brand, move it away from being just a catalogue, and empathise with customers, they will do well.” Says Simon Cox - @simoncox. At the end of performing our content audit​​​​​​​, we ask our chat participants to name some of the most liked site features and how they can further leverage them:

  • The images are nice

The website itself is visually appealing, and many chat participants agreed that their product images are their strongest advantage. It’s important to note that your sites appearance is one of the key elements to its success and could be the first and only impression that your potential customers get of your company.

  • The recent blog articles are awesome

Laura Ferruggia - @lauregg said that she saw some less-than-ideal and super short blog articles when she clicked the "dinosaur bone' category, however, some of the more recent blog articles are awesome! The cards that pair the images with info are on the right track.

  • Great User Generated Content

Rachel Howe - @R8chel_Marie says that she loves the UGC: customer stories, testimonials and photos. Our chat participants agreed that they should utilize this more of this. As we stated earlier, users love a story, there’s needs to be more than just products!


That’s all for today! Hopefully this content audit helped you to see if your site is making any of the same mistakes! If you need more assistance, make sure to check out the content analyzer, which can tell you which pieces of content on your site are getting social shares, backlinks, keyword rankings, and even Google Analytics data like sessions and bounce rate. In addition to measuring your own website’s content, you can also use the “Post Tracking” tab to measure the effectiveness of your guest posts or content partnerships on external websites!

Make sure you join us this week as we discuss the biggest digital marketing resolutions for 2018! If I don’t see you there, have a very Happy New Year!

Maria Kalyadina

SEMrush employee.

Maria is the Social Media Marketing Manager at SEMrush and the host of the weekly #SEMrushchat. You can always connect with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter!

Join the #SEMrushChat every Wednesday at 11 am ET/ 4 pm BST!
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