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Long Live AdWords Editor 11! 3 Neat Features You Will Love

Diane Pease
Long Live AdWords Editor 11! 3 Neat Features You Will Love

Last May, I published an article on Search Engine Watch tolling the death knoll for AdWords Editor. And the evidence was rather compelling.

AE was running way behind the web interface in functionality. The web interface was becoming more the “go-to” for creating and updating accounts. Then, on December 10, surprise! A new version of AdWords Editor was announced.

And I was never so happy to be so wrong in my entire life.

Not only is it the biggest update since 2006 — it’s a complete overhaul of the tool. And there are many great features that will make managing your paid search accounts much easier.

While I could write all day about what’s new, here are 3 amazing features that you'll want to download it right away — if you haven’t already.

  1. Ability to Work on Multiple Accounts at the Same Time

Yes, you heard me correctly — it's one of the top new features of AE 11. You can also download multiple accounts at one time, and even entire MCC accounts. No longer do you have to download each account individually. Best of all, it’s a lot faster than the old version.

  1. Type Lists and Pop Out Windows

The type list is on the sidebar, and gives you the ability to see data within a selection, or double click to get a pop out view:

Type List graphic

You can also do edits within the pop out as well. And it’s very handy to have the number of items in each selection — for example, you can see the total number of text ads, but it breaks it down by the type of ad as well (WAP text ads, Dynamic Search Ads, etc.).

  1. Multiple Changes and Bulk Functions

The "Make multiple changes" tool allows you to easily organize your text, and automatically puts it into rows and columns. The best feature? You can select the column headers, type in the data to add, or bulk add your changes from spreadsheets. This makes uploads a breeze!

Buil function graphic

The new version of AdWords Editor? Definitely worth the long wait. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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Diane Pease is an Inbound Marketing Manager for Cisco, and has been in online and traditional marketing for over 25 years. She has expertise in SEO, social and traditional marketing, but her primary specialty is paid search and analytics. Diane focuses on providing clients with solid paid search strategies and seamless campaign execution. Her most recent contribution to the SEMrush blog was, “Paid Ad Search Copy: 3 Things You Might Be Missing.”
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