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Make Google AdWords Keywords Work for your Business

SEMrush Blog
Make Google AdWords Keywords Work for your Business

There are a few possibilities for new entrepreneurs to compete with established businesses, and the internet is one such opportunity. Specifically, resources like Google AdWords provide a great opportunity for small businesses to promote themselves online.

So, what is Google AdWords and how does it help? AdWords is simply Google’s keyword research tool. Keywords are all those terms that internet users type in search engines to look for information. What Google AdWords does is tell you about the most popular keywords on the internet at any given point in time.

Not only can you learn the exact search phrases that are ranking high on Google, but you also get statistical information in terms of monthly search volume for each word or phrase. With advanced search features, AdWords even allows users to find popular keywords for their particular niche or sub-category.

This is the basic function of Google AdWords keyword search. The question is - how can it help your business?

To begin with, keywords for AdWords let you target specific markets, which is necessary since most products and services cannot be sold in the general market. Using Adwords keyword search tools, you can target niches within your town, state, country, and even internationally.

Secondly, Google Adwords is cost-effective. When you launch an AdWords campaign, you only have to pay after a user clicks on your ad and lands on your page. Note that the cost per click depends on several factors like the relevance of the keyword to the product or service in question, the quality score of the keyword, or how much advertisers are willing to pay for it etc.

But coming back to the point, Google Adwords provides greater return on investment than several other marketing plans since you are only paying for visitors that will most probably become your customers. Moreover, monitoring the number of clicks a specific keyword had in a month is also easy.

Google Adwords also reports the cost per click (CPC) of each keyword, and which keyword achieved the greatest conversions. After the AdWords keyword suggestion, you will get to find out what users did after they landed on your website, which will help you indentify the strengths and weaknesses of your site.

With that said, it is worth mentioning that simply signing up for Google AdWords and launching a marketing campaign does not guarantee any results unless you are working with a detailed plan that includes your budget, the time you can devote to using AdWords, and the results you are hoping to achieve.

You can always get a free trial of Google Adwords where you can get used to the major functions involved. When it comes to budgetary considerations, the CPC for your keywords will determine whether you should go ahead with Google AdWords or not.

For instance, let’s assume you are dealing in children’s clothing and the cost per click for this keyword as informed by AdWords keywords research is $1.5. On average, you need 500 to 1000 website visitors in order to derive any income for it. This means that if you are getting at least 500 clicks, you will have to pay $750 in CPC even if you are not generating the same amount of income.

Don’t get scared! All businesses run the risk of short term losses, and if you are offering quality products and are using targeted keywords, you will be able to generate revenue eventually. But in the worst case scenario, you would have to pay $750 out of your pocket without earning anything.

Some suggest that the best way to maximize the effectiveness of a Google AdWords campaign is to outsource it. Hire an experienced service to take care of AdWords while you concentrate on developing your product and website. While this does require extra money, you will be better off than devoting several hours each day in keeping track of AdWords.

All in all, Google AdWords keywords research tool is worth your time and money, and if you have your head in the game, then you will definitely generate income from it.

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