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How to make your Wordpress website faster and why you should enable AMP

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How to make your Wordpress website faster and why you should enable AMP

Nick Patel
How to make your Wordpress website faster and why you should enable AMP

What should you take into consideration to make your Wordpress website faster?

The speed of your website decides the speed of your business.

Speed is the need of the hour especially when we’re talking about website loading speed.

If a website does not load quickly users get annoyed and they shift to some other website.

To attract a visitor on your website, fast loading speed is the first concern, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) comes after!

The user reaction time has become faster and the attention span of a visitor on the web has become shorter.

The average attention span of a user on the web is around 3 seconds. To make a lasting impression on any visitor your website should load within 3 seconds.

The Faster the Better

The first purpose of having a faster website is to grab a visitor’s attention on the website.

Only a few businesses are capable of doing so, whereas the rest are struggling to get a faster website.

As per the latest Google research, if a website takes 3 seconds to load then there is a 32% bounce rate probability.

If a website takes up to 5 seconds to load then there is a 90% bounce rate probability.

However, if a site takes up to 10 seconds then there is a 123 % bounce rate probability.

User Reactions to different website loading speedUser Reactions to different website loading speed

There are other considerations as well, which favors a faster website over the slower ones.

Google says that most of the websites are slow and they are bloated with too many elements.

Top reasons of having a faster website

  • To get viewer’s attention.
  • To reduce bounce rate.
  • To achieve higher search ranking.
  • To create superior user experience (UX).
  • To get more clicks.
  • To increase user engagement.
  • Slow website hinder mobile traffic.
  • Google love fast website.

Moreover, fast-loading websites deliver higher conversions and higher revenue- that’s what businesses expect from their websites.

How to take a speed test of your website

Improving the performance of your WordPress website and increasing the conversion of your business on the web are the two main things that today’s companies are most concerned about!

How fast does your website load?

If it is less than 3 seconds then your website is good to get people’s attention and if it takes more time to load then you must seriously think about the speed optimization of your website!

However, you can check your website loading speed using GTmrtrix and Pingdom.

These tools gives you a complete insight with actionable recommendations to improve your website's loading speed.

Quick Tips to make Wordpress website faster 

  • WordPress is amazing and yes, it has plugins for everything. But, that doesn’t mean you should install plugins for everything. Too many plugins slow down your website speed and it will affect the conversion as well. So, make sure that you only install those plugins that you need.
  • Choosing a good host is essential to make your website load faster, which means dedicated hosting is preferred over the shared hosting. To drive your business faster WP engine is recommended to get a fast and secure hosting for your WordPress site.
  • Building your website with a solid framework or theme is good for getting a faster loading speed. It is good to get a customized theme developed for your WP website so that you can adjust essential elements and remove all the unnecessary elements that have an effect on website speed.
  • You should use optimized images. Also, you need to decide on the dynamic and static part of the website as well where Site Login, Shopping Cart, Logo, Footer Links, etc. should be static, whereas Menu and Sliders can be dynamic.
  • Also, using an effective caching plugin is suitable for getting a fast website. To improve your website performance, W3 Total Cache is highly recommended and it is easy to install and use.
  • If you’re using WordPress for your eCommerce store and for News, Media, and Marketing websites then Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the ideal solution. However, MaxCDN is the most suitable choice when it comes to choose the best CDN network for your WordPress website.

By implementing these website performance tips, you can create a faster website for your business.

Create a Faster Mobile Web with AMP

Needless to say, today’s user are more impatient especially with smaller screens- smart-phones, tablets, etc.

Therefore, with a solid understanding of modern mobile users and to see the growth of mobile subscribers Google with big media publishers and technology partners initiated Google AMP project for making mobile web faster.

Google AMP for websitesGoogle AMP for websites

AMP technology is a must for accelerating the mobile web. It is quite useful in optimizing the mobile web and marketers should embrace it as soon as possible to promote the business instantly and everywhere.

Faster is better and less is more, that’s where the web of the future is moving.

With the fast market adoption by the tech giants, we can see the major shift from desktop to smaller smart-phone screens in all format-ads, analytics, content platforms, CMS and audio/video as well.

The following is a list of tech giants which support AMP technology to boost their performance on the mobile web.

Google AMP across web formatsGoogle AMP across web formats

How to enable AMP for your WordPress Website

It is a simple process to start with AMP for your WordPress.

You just need to download AMPplugin from WordPress.org.

Next you need to activate this AMP plugin in your WordPress environment. After the installation and activation process, the plugin will automatically create the AMP version of all your posts.

Note that it will only create AMP versions of all posts. To check on an AMP plugin, whether it’s working properly on your posts, simply put /amp to the end of your post URLs and you’ll be able to see a minimalist interface.

Make a note that this plugin will not activate an AMP version for the pages.

AMP for WordPressAMP for WordPress

If you want to activate AMP versions for pages as well, you need to download, install and activate AMP for WP plugin.

This plugin will only work if you’ve already activated the official AMP plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

That’s how you’ll be able to see a new tab on the top of your WordPress dashboard and you’ll be able to create AMP versions for your website pages as well.

To embrace the faster loading speed of your website across all the mobile devices, it is essential to activate AMP for your WordPress site.

Also, you’ll be able to get higher search ranking and SERP results.

Let’s create good impressions on the visitors to get their attention on your website.

In a nutshell, AMP will boost overall performance of your WordPress website and that’s how you can get higher conversions.

Do you use any of the tips mentioned in this post to make your Wordpress website faster?

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Nick Patel is head of marketing at WebbyMonks, where he loves to explore cutting edge technology in the digital world. While not writing for technology, you can find him fishing, shooting with his camera or brewing coffee.
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Jalil Mehar
Amazing article Nick, AMP is the best way to speed up your WordPress for smartphones.
Thanks for this article. I use AMP plugin...a very powerful improvement in load speeding on mobile
WPTeam Support
hello Nick,
Thanks for this article… a well detailed explanation!
Nick Patel
WPTeam Support
Thanks WPTeam.
HI Nick,
Very Nice! I never hear about those plugins you mentioned before http://www.tivoactivate.com/
Nick Patel
Thanks Kathryn, I'm glad that you liked it and these are great plugins to help you with faster loading time of your website. Try them.
HI Nick,
Very Nice!
Nick Patel
Ruth Karuna
Thanks Ruth.
I really like the promise of AMP. Anyone else finding it buggy though? On my iPhone5 using default iOS browser vertical scrolling is disabled. I often just click to get the regular version.
Nick Patel
Rick Bond
We haven't found it buggy in our numerous projects. However, there may be conflict with the theme used or may be due to a conflict with the configuration.
Don White
It's not as simple as just downloading the plugin and using them. You get a lot of AMP errors and then you will need to solve them. It's not as simple as one and done.
Nick Patel
Don White
To make AMP a one stop show (i.e. install and done), you must make sure that AMP plugin is installed on a theme which is compatible with AMP. If your theme is not compatible with AMP then surely you will get AMP Errors.
Hi Nick,

I never hear about those plugins you mentioned before. I'm going to apply them. thks
Nick Patel
That's cool...just try it.
Great article Nick. It's now easier than ever to take the dive and begin rolling out AMP pages for all managed sites.
Nick Patel
Daniel Sandoval
Thanks Daniel.