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Manage SEO Keywords Fast and Easy: Top Keyword Software for Webmaster

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Manage SEO Keywords Fast and Easy: Top Keyword Software for Webmaster

Do you want your content to be easily found on the web? You can accomplish this task easily through SEO keyword software. These keyword research software enable the audience to optimize the search with the help of these keywords and drive traffic towards your website, increasing your website popularity. In addition to that, this software increases your keyword quality score. This high score will earn you high ranking in the search engine result page through Google Webmaster.

Here are a few suggestions for keyword ranking software that can help you carry out a successful SEO campaign.


Wordtracker is a paid keyword software that offers 7 – day trial period. Its extensive research tool brings forward unique and distinct results that can hike up the rankings of your page. It charges $69 per month but with its remarkable search qualities, it is worth the money!


This keyword search software not only generates related keywords but also helps you manage them through its advanced tools. It helps you to evaluate your page ranking success through the keyword analytic tool. What distinguishes this software from other SEO keyword softwares is that it allows you to do a personalized search by comparing your data to numerous public and private sources through your Google Analytics account.

Plus, its management tools are a cherry on top providing you with multiple options to execute these keywords in your content. It is also a paid software with free trial period for a few days that will get you in the flow of things. Also, it comes with a Firefox browser plug in, which makes it user friendly.

Keyword Discovery

Most software concentrate on gathering statistics from just Google search engine, but this keyword research software accumulates data from all search engines to provide you with the best options.

It has unlimited free trial period, but all features of this SEO keyword software are accessible for only paid members. The paid features include KeywordDiscovery API, Domain Drop Reports, Keyword Reports and Industry Keywords. It comes with tutorials, so getting familiar with the environment of the software will not be a difficult task.

Google Adwords

It is one of the most user friendly and extensively used keyword research software. Its free availability makes it convenient to use for frequent as well as regular users. Since it’s free, the features available are less as compared to other software. It allows you to evaluate your performance through its statistics tool and helps you optimize your Google search.


As the name suggest, this keyword search software spies on keywords of various sources. The best thing about this software is that it’s free version offers several features. Through these features you can evaluate your competitor’s performance and their keyword use. This will help you assess your page ranking in search engines and let you know which keywords should or should not be used.

The export feature is enabled in the free trial version; so you can easily transport your documents to Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets and CSV. This keyword software can be integrated with browsers as well allowing you to open the performance report on any website.


It is a paid, professional SEO keyword software with advance options available to paying members only. However, it offers a few days trial period in which you can evaluate the potential of the software. Its extensive research tools provide you with several keywords options to make your content easily available on the web.

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