Semrush Pro Talk with Marco Maltraversi

Elena Terenteva

Dec 20, 20131 min read
Semrush Pro Talk with Marco Maltraversi

Marco Maltraversi went from computer engineering to SEO expert. Today, the Web Consultant and SEO Specialist at Ingegneri del Web talks about his technical approach, multilingual projects and why SEO is an art.

How did you become interested in SEO?

SEO is often considered the most technical section of web marketing since it provides valuable support in the promotion of sites and requires a specific knowledge of web development tools. For me, it’s not a science, more of an art. Sometimes you do not know the exact principles and algorithms that are at the base of the main search engine. Only on-field experience, tests and studying can enrich the knowledge of a good SEO expert.

I’ve worked on the Web since I was almost 12 years old. During these years, I studied different web subjects from the development of the portal and websites to mobile app development. When search engines arose, I began to develop a passion for the SEO world and started to investigate the matter. I became one of the bestselling SEO authors in Italy with my book "SEO and SEM Guida Avanzata al Web Marketing." I’m also a lecturer in university master’s programs.

You came to SEO from software and web developing. Did you approach SEO differently from that side?

As a computer engineer, I am glad I have a more technical approach to SEO that is crucial for handling big and complex sites. Very often, SEOs are not able to lay a hand on code in a website or handle the migration of websites. Especially when it comes to famous brands or big sites. I think these skills are fundamental to do a great job.

You speak both Italian and English, and also have a multilingual project. When developing a website for different locations or in different languages, can you give some tips and tricks?

With regard to multilingual websites and multilingual SEO, it is important to observe basic precautions in order to gain proper indexing and positioning of content. Here are some tips for you:

  • Never use a location-based domain name for a multilingual site;
  • Use canonical tag to instruct search engines correctly;
  • Use geo located extensions for every single language or appropriate structure;
  • Pay attention to the language spoken in certain countries.

Tools like Semrush allow me to observe and analyze the competitiveness of certain keywords in specific countries and know the potential organic positioning of the website. I also recommend this guide.

For more information on SEO, you can contact and find me at or

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