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How To Maximize Remarketing Traffic Effectively

Rocco Alberto Baldassarre
How To Maximize Remarketing Traffic Effectively

On average, people visit websites six-to-seven times before converting. In order to make sure they return, many business owners take advantage of remarketing campaigns which specifically target non-converted first-time website visitors.

Remarketing traffic typically converts well and is relatively cost-efficient because potential clients compared prices and features in the meantime, and are ready to make a decision.

While remarketing has become a common practice, the vast majority of businesses do not take the time to optimize and maximize the traffic and conversions it generates.

Let’s now have a look at five strategies you can use to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget for returning visitors that didn’t convert so far.

5 Remarketing Strategies

1. Show Different Content to Returning Visitors

Do not send them to the same page because it wasn’t enough to convince them the first time and does not offer any added value. Instead of showing them the same old page, create a variation of the original landing page and provide new content or a slightly different design, another layout or anything else that would convince the visitor to make a purchasing decision.

In Google AdWords, returning visitors should be tracked by the remarketing lists you created. When you set up your remarketing campaigns, it is best to dedicate one landing page per ad group to easily manage and scale potential split tests.

2. Use Advanced Segmentation for Remarketing

Advanced segmentation means to target visitors based on their click behavior. For instance, you can exclude or include potential customers based on metrics such as how much times they spent on your website, whether they visited the shopping cart and how many pages they visited (e.g. more than three), just to name a few.

How to get started with advanced segmentation:

  • Login to Google Analytics and choose the respective account
  • Go to Admin
  • In the menu in the middle, choose “Remarketing"
  • Select “Remarketing Lists”
  • Click “Create new”
  • Select “Segment Lists”
  • Choose your metrics

Make sure you have the display function active in Google Analytics, meaning the code modification has been installed successfully. Also double-check that your AdWords account is linked to Google Analytics and the other way around (it needs to be linked both ways for this to work).

3. Increase Search Bids for Remarketing Traffic

This is probably one of the most underused features in Google AdWords, but bid modifiers can make a significant difference to the performance of any AdWords campaign. So instead of maintaining the same bids for returning visitors you can have different bids for anyone who has already been to your website but didn’t convert.

4. Offer a Reason to Convert

A reason to convert is different from a call-to-action because it can make the difference between you and your competitor. Everyone tells customers to buy, but not everyone targets returning visitors with special offers. Potential clients that come via remarketing campaigns often appreciate when the website they are visiting realizes they have been there before and offers them something special because of it.

Special offers could be things like get one "buy one, get one free," 10% off, free shipping, a free sample, 20% off any order over $100, 10% of a second product and so on.

5. Remarket on Social Media

Take advantage of cross-channel remarketing and target website visitors that who did not convert on Facebook and Twitter. Once your remarketing lists are set up, you can target them with a set of ads to split test.

On Facebook, you could target specific audiences and create custom landing pages with different content in different ad sets. On Twitter, you could set up different campaigns to make it easier to optimize in the long run.

In Conclusion

While it's great to somewhat control the traffic of visitors who have not converted yet — but who are familiar with your website already — it is recommended to segment this traffic into different target groups based on click behavior and how close they came to converting. Additionally, those target groups should be presented with different content; not only in the ad, but also on the landing page if possible.

What are your remarketing tactics?

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Rocco Alberto Baldassarre is the Founder and CEO of Zebra Advertisement, a results-oriented SEM consulting firm. Rocco consults companies with up to $5 million in PPC advertisement budgets, speaks three languages and was shortlisted as a Young Search Professional of the Year by the 2014 U.S. Search Awards.
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