The 50 Most Profitable Internet Companies Ranked by Visitors per Second

Georgi Todorov

May 31, 20212 min read
The 50 Most Profitable Internet Companies Ranked by Visitors per Second

The 50 most profitable Internet companies in the world made billions of dollars in 2020, but how much website traffic do these companies actually get? Which of these companies has the most visited website? Using the Semrush Traffic Analytics tool, our insights team analyzed the number of unique visitors to each of the 50 Internet companies’ root domains for all 12 months of 2020 to find the total number of unique visits for the year. To then find the number of visitors per second, we divided the total number of visits by 31,622,400, which is the number of seconds in 2020.

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E-commerce made up a majority of the list of websites, with 17 out of the 50 companies falling into this category. Amazon and eBay were the top e-commerce companies when it came to the most visited websites, with 277 and 104.7 visitors per second, respectively, for every second of 2020. But which Internet company was found to have the most visitors per second? Google’s parent company, Alphabet, took the top spot, which comes as no surprise, as is the most popular website in the world. 

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​ The 50 Most Profitable Internet Companies Ranked by Visitors per Second in 2020
The 50 Most Profitable Internet Companies Ranked by Visitors per Second in 2020

Which of the Most Profitable Internet Companies Had the Most Visitors per Second?

The Internet company that had the most visitors per second is Alphabet. saw an average of 1,264.9 visitors for every second of 2020. This amounts to a whopping 40 billion unique visits over the course of the year! 

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter came in second and third, with 752.6 and 303.5 visitors per second. The most profitable Internet company, Amazon, ranked fourth with 277 visitors per second, which amounts to 8.76 billion unique visits throughout 2020. Below is a list of all 50 of the most profitable internet companies ranked by their number of website visitors per second during 2020. 

The 50 Most Profitable Internet Companies Ranked by Visitors per Second

  1. Alphabet: 1,264.9
  2. Facebook: 752.6
  3. Twitter: 303.5
  4. Amazon: 277.0
  5. Netflix: 113.6
  6. eBay: 104.7
  7. PayPal: 88.4
  8. Booking: 73.1
  9. Adobe: 52.9
  10. Spotify: 48.2
  11. Zillow: 30.7
  12. Baidu: 24.9
  13. Naver: 23.8
  14. Bet365: 22.8
  15. Epic Games: 22.0
  16. Wayfair: 21.6
  17. Flipkart: 21.4
  18. Alibaba: 21.0
  19. Bloomberg L.P.: 16.3
  20. Uber: 15.3
  21. Airbnb: 14.2
  22. 14.0
  23. Expedia: 13.8
  24. Shopify: 13.4
  25. GoDaddy: 11.0
  26. Wildberries: 10.7
  27. Rakuten: 9.46
  28. Chewy: 8.73
  29. 8.26
  30. DoorDash: 7.72
  31. Yandex: 6.23
  32. Coupang: 5.37
  33. NetEase: 5.07
  34. 5.03
  35. Square: 4.99
  36. Stripe: 4.45
  37. Carvana: 2.76
  38. 2.56
  39. Tencent: 1.47
  40. Zalando: 0.77
  41. Workday: 0.74
  42. Compass: 0.55
  43. 0.34
  44. ServiceNow: 0.32
  45. Akamai Technologies: 0.32
  46. Meituan: 0.32
  47. Kakao: 0.25
  48. ByteDance: 0.22
  49. Kuaishou: 0.07
  50. Otto Group: 0.02

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