The Most Searched News Sites by State

Elizaveta Pavlovskaya

Jun 01, 20213 min read
The Most Searched News Sites by State

Which news website do you get your information from, and how does that compare to where others in your state are getting their news from? We wanted to find the top news sources that each U.S. state searched for over the course of 2020, and we mapped out the results in the graphic below. Using Google Trends, we found all 50 states’ popularity scores for each of the 15 most popular news websites. The popularity scores are scaled from 0 to 100, with 100 points assigned to the location where the site’s name made up the highest proportion of total searches.

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Which state was found to have the highest interest in searching for news sites overall? You’ll find the answer to that question on this graphic as well. We added up the 15 popularity scores for each state and ranked them based on their overall score. Although Washington D.C. isn’t a state ( yet!), they were included in the rankings and ended up landing in the top spot for the highest search interest, with Vermont following close behind. Both of these locations had the highest possible popularity search score for four of the top news sites. Which news website was the most searched for in your state?

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The Most Searched News Sites by State
The Most Searched News Sites by State

Which News Site Was the Most Searched? 

The news site that was the most searched was Yahoo! News, which was the most searched news website in 12 states. This comes as little surprise considering that Yahoo! News was also found to be the most popular news website across the country, in terms of unique monthly visitors.

Although the Fox News website is the sixth most popular news site, with 65 million unique monthly viewers, it was the most searched news website in 11 states, making it a close second for the most searched news site by state. Below is the most popular news website list, ranked by each site’s unique monthly visitors.

  1. Yahoo! News: 175 million
  2. Google News: 150 million
  3. HuffPost: 110 million
  4. CNN: 95 million
  5. The New York Times: 70 million
  6. Fox News: 65 million
  7. NBC News: 63 million
  8. MailOnline: 53 million
  9. The Washington Post: 47 million
  10. The Guardian: 42 million
  11. The Wall Street Journal: 40 million
  12. ABC News: 36 million
  13. BBC News: 35 million
  14. USA Today: 34 million
  15. Los Angeles Times: 32.5 million

What Is the Most Searched News Site in Every State? 

We determined the most searched news site in every state through its search popularity scores, with the highest scoring news website for each state declared as the winner. Note that some of the states were found to score 100, making up the highest proportion of total searches, for multiple news sites.

The Most Searched News Site(s) in Every State

  • Alabama: Fox News
  • Alaska: Yahoo! News
  • Arizona: Yahoo! News
  • Arkansas: Yahoo! News
  • California: Los Angeles Times
  • Colorado: Google News
  • Connecticut: NBC News
  • Delaware: MailOnline
  • District of Columbia: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and BBC News
  • Florida: ABC News
  • Georgia: USA Today
  • Hawaii: Yahoo! News
  • Idaho: Fox News
  • Illinois: ABC News
  • Indiana: USA Today
  • Iowa: USA Today
  • Kansas:Yahoo! News
  • Kentucky: USA Today
  • Louisiana: Fox News
  • Maine: CNN
  • Maryland: CNN
  • Massachusetts: CNN
  • Michigan: USA Today
  • Minnesota: USA Today
  • Mississippi: Fox News
  • Missouri: Yahoo! News
  • Montana: Yahoo! News and NBC News
  • Nebraska: Fox News
  • Nevada: Yahoo! News
  • New Hampshire: ABC News
  • New Jersey: CNN
  • New Mexico: Yahoo! News
  • New York: CNN
  • North Carolina: ABC News
  • North Dakota: Fox News
  • Ohio: Yahoo! News and USA Today
  • Oklahoma: Yahoo! News
  • Oregon: Google News
  • Pennsylvania: ABC News
  • Rhode Island: NBC News
  • South Carolina: Fox News
  • South Dakota: USA Today
  • Tennessee: Fox News
  • Texas: Yahoo! News
  • Utah: Fox News and USA Today
  • Vermont: HuffPost, CNN, The Guardian, and BBC News
  • Virginia: CNN
  • Washington: Google News
  • West Virginia: Fox News
  • Wisconsin: USA Today
  • Wyoming: Fox News

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