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Move Over YouTube: Facebook Is Revamping Video

Leonard Kim
Move Over YouTube: Facebook Is Revamping Video

Over the course of the last decade, whenever anyone has thought of where to put up their videos, YouTube has always been the top choice. It had the most robust system, people were paid to put their content up and it ultimately became the go-to source for video.

Back in 2010 when I used to run a lead generation firm, a lot of our clients who bought our leads were generated through our YouTube videos. Many other successful entrepreneurs have built six figure empires off of YouTube alone.

But now, Facebook seeks to dominate that space. Because of that, they are pushing their algorithms to maximize viewership on Facebook video.

To best showcase how much of an impact Facebook Video has over YouTube, it is best to compare a video that has all of the elements that one would expect from a viral video.

  1. Published by a major publication or source.
  2. Includes a celebrity.
  3. Has an interesting story line.
  4. Keeps viewers engaged.

An example of a video that meets all of these elements can be taken from one that was posted by British GQ.

This video was originally posted by British GQ on March 9, 2015. This was shared through their social media channels, from Twitter to Facebook and all other platforms they have. After four months, this video only reached the eyes of 2,400 people.

For a major publication as big as GQ, you would expect a lot more viewership from a video like that.

So a few months passed. British GQ decided to republish this same video. This time, they tried uploading it on Facebook Video instead.

GQ video on Facebook

In less than 24 hours, they already had 69,000 views. By the end of five days, they broke 100,000 views.

What was the difference between the two videos?

Nothing. They all had the same elements. In fact, they were both the same exact video. The only difference is that Facebook had decided to treat how the video was shared differently.

But this is just one video. How do the other videos on the GQ YouTube channel compare?

To compare this video to the rest of the content on the GQ channel: In the last year, their YouTube channel has reached around 200 to 30,000 views per post. Over a year ago, they broke 250,000 views on some of their videos and most of them had well over 50,000 views. But nothing as extraordinary as far as viewership goes came from this year.

FB vs. YT

On Facebook, British GQ breaks out with the same type of viewership that they got on YouTube over a year ago. These videos range from 1,700 views all the way up to 250,000 views.

FB vs. YT

Sure, from this example, it may seem like Facebook is only promoting the big brand names.

But what about smaller companies that don’t have the budget to create professional videos with celebrities?

Fortunately, the video algorithm is working at a smaller scale as well, for people who run businesses much smaller than traditional media conglomerates. When I first noticed this change take place on a video that I was featured In, I shared what I have seen in regards to the GQ video with Julie Busha, an administrator of the Shark Tank Entrepreneurs private group on Facebook (that has over 10,000 members) and founder of Slawsa (A really yummy condiment you grill with).

Julie Busha had shared with me that she had recently put up a regular 59 second video up on Facebook. It was just a simple tutorial on spiral slicing hot dogs. It wasn’t done professionally or anything. There was minimal editing. She put up a few words to help share her story over the video. It was like the exact opposite of the GQ video, but something that we can all do with our regular everyday budgets.

Within 24 hours of posting her video, she had reached 2,000 people with her video and 900 people had watched it. She put in just another $10 to run a promoted post with her video. It then reached a total of 5,500 people with 2,500 views.

Product Video

On YouTube, that same video did 200 views. But how do their channels do with their overall viewership?

The last time Julie hit 1,500 views on a Youtube video was around a year ago.

FB vs. YT videos

On Facebook, there is a wide gap in the viewership numbers, but they tend to average much higher than YouTube.

FB vs. YT videos

Julie has just started posting videos on her Facebook, but they seem to be averaging a lot higher than her YouTube channel did.

So what do these two examples show us?

That Facebook is taking a big dive into video. They want to take the market share from YouTube. But in order to get the market share, they need to make content producers such as ourselves happy. The only way to do that is to help spread our videos and increase our viewership.

Because Facebook wants to take the market share from YouTube, we should capitalize off of their desires. Create video and upload it to your Facebook pages. Begin to reap the benefits from Facebook’s desire to take ownership of the marketplace.

But does that mean we should stop our posting videos on YouTube?

Not necessarily. Instead, you should feature your content on both platforms. Facebook has the ability to take your video viral and gain extra eyeballs on your content. On the other hand, YouTube, since they’re owned by Google, will keep your videos popping up in search engine results.

So to maximize your viewership on both social media and throughout search engines, it is best to publish your content on both platforms.

Where do you publish your videos? Let us know in the comments below!

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Leonard Kim is Managing Partner at Influence Tree, a personal branding accelerator. He's a columnist for Inc. and a Top Writer on Quora, an online knowledge market. On the side, Leonard enjoys cupcakes and blogs at Twitter: @MrLeonardKim
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Durga Prasad Kundu
From the above comparison between Facebook & YouTube video
posting, it is now pretty clear that Facebook changed its algorithm and
stared giving importance to videos. So, it's good. Now, we have another
user engaging platform to share our videos. Nice post Leonard. Thanks.
Leonard Kim
Durga Prasad Kundu
Thanks Durga!

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