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Natural Link Building: How to Build Links to Your Site with the Help of Happy Customers

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Natural Link Building: How to Build Links to Your Site with the Help of Happy Customers

When it comes to SEO, there are few more effective methods to use than natural link building. You can carry out the link building process off-site and provide the links you are looking for to your website or landing page. Google has changed the filters and settings of its search feature several times in the past couple of years but one thing has remained constant: quality links boost your SEO. Therefore, the more quality links you can get to your website or landing page, the higher your ranking would be.

How to Build Links to Your Website/ Landing Page

There are several ways to build links to your website. However, you cannot just add any and every link available to you. Some of them might prove to be spam and could end up causing more harm than good. This is why marketers are advised to think twice before adding a link to their landing page. While one link cannot ruin your entire campaign, your credibility takes a hit. Here are some of the ways for how to build links to your site.

Buying Links

Though this is considered perhaps the most ineffective of all ways to build links, still some marketers buy links to their website. Google has taken a hard stance on websites which have bought or sold links. This is why this is a big no-no as far as link building is concerned. With more effective and legal ways for building links available to you, it doesn’t make sense at all for you to pay for the links to your website.

Asking for Links

Asking for links is the polar opposite of buying them. Instead of striking a deal with the other party, you just ask politely whether or not they would be interested in adding links to your website. Worse comes to worst, they would decline. It is not as if there is a dearth of quality links for your website. Even if you get rejected, there are many other natural link providers you can get in touch with to add links to your website.

Listing Your Website

Another way to build links to your website by paying for them is through directories. There are many online directories on which you can list your website and make it public. You can select a general directory or go with a more niche specific directory to make sure you attract only targeted traffic. Most of the directories do allow you to list your website free of cost but in some cases, you will be asked to pay for the listing.

Sharing Your Content

Content marketing is the ‘in’ thing as far as online marketing is concerned. A great way to build links using the content you have posted online is to share it with your fans, friends, followers, etc, on various social media websites. You can write guest posts for other blogs related to your niche or post your articles on the various article directories available online. You can add the natural links in the content in the Author’s Bio section or the Resource Box.

Going Social

Last, but not the least, you can use the social links you have built online to build links to your website. This is the method of natural link building you should place the most emphasis on. Social link building involves making use of your pages on the various social networks as well as asking your happy customers to do some work for you.

Getting Happy Customers to Help for Link Building

You may not realize the fact that the customers genuinely satisfied by your business can be wonderful resources as far as building natural links to your website is concerned. Social proof is the way to go for businesses with regards to online marketing. You can use their interest in your business to your advantage by getting them to share your content on their personal social media pages. Every time a customer shares your content, a new link to your website is created.

More importantly, you can ask the happy customers to endorse your business by writing testimonials and customer reviews. This again is one of the most effective uses of social proof. Word of mouth goes a long way towards convincing people to give you a chance. Reading about the experiences of past happy customers will persuade them to check out your website or landing page at least. Moreover, the content the customers write for you can be used for natural link building.

Since your loyal customers are involved in the process, social link building thus becomes the most effective of all methods listed above. Not only can you attract more people but also get it done for free. To accentuate your natural link building efforts, use SEMrush. SEMrush is a great resource for discovering the keywords you should be using in the content you share and also the content your customers write for you to help with SEO.

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