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Online Newsletter: How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business

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Online Newsletter: How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business

Up until some time back, virtually every business online used to send bulk email. Over time, newer and better platforms for internet marketing emerged, particularly social media, and the attention of the businesses got diverted. However, this should not take away from the fact that email marketing solutions have been one of the most effective methods for getting your point across to your target audience. It may seem outdated but isn’t. In fact, it could give your business the boost it needs.

One of the major reasons why marketers are reverting back towards using email as a tool for promoting a business is because of the trend of creating all-inclusive internet marketing strategies. It makes sense for a website to have simultaneous campaigns running on multiple marketing platforms to get it to the top of the search engine rankings. SEMrush is one of the best tools you will find for boosting your internet marketing efforts. You can find and organize the most relevant keywords to include in your campaign.

Coming back to the point, an online newsletter could be your way back into the email marketing fold. Though you have the option of sending autoresponder emails or setting up a list, a newsletter is the most effective medium of communicating your message via email. This is why your email marketing campaign should be built around a newsletter you issue from time to time. Still, you might not be convinced about the potential of email marketing given the prevalence of SEO, social media marketing and the likes.

Here are some of the ways in which email marketing, online newsletters in particular, can help your business.

How Email Marketing Helps Your Business

Intimate Mode of Communication

First things first, the distinct advantage email marketing has over the other methods is that you can connect with your customers on a more intimate level. Email marketing strategies are based on the principle of permission. Only if a person gives you the permission to send him/her emails can you do so. This means that you don’t have to force a person to read your email. Often marketers who complain about their emails not being opened by the recipients make the mistake of sending them without first obtaining the permission to do so.

Genuinely Interested Audience

So, why would a person give you the permission to communicate with him/her? The answer to this is quite simple: genuine interest. This brings us to the first distinct advantage of email marketing for your business: targeting the people you want. There is no point in spending money on sending emails when you are not even sure the recipient is going to even look at it. Seeking permission ensures only people who want to know about what you have to offer receive your emails. They are the ones most likely to read and respond, thereby turning into qualified leads and ultimately customers.

Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

The only catch is that you have to follow the principles of effective email marketing. If the content of your newsletter is topnotch and the design is visually engaging, there is no reason a person really interested in it would not give it a glance at the very least. This leads to the second advantage of using email marketing for your business. An online newsletter not only lets you share valuable content but also images. This way you have a better way of getting people to read your email than say a text-based autoresponder.

Add As Much Content As You Wish

When talking about content, there is more room for you to add value in a newsletter. The thing here is that there are certain restrictions you have to abide by when using the other internet marketing methods. For instance, your tweets are limited to 140 characters or less. Even a blog post cannot exceed the general limit of 400 to 500 words to stay effective. However, you can pack as much information as you feel relevant into a newsletter and email it to your fans.

Targeted and Qualified Leads

Providing value is very important. If the people receiving the newsletter have voluntarily signed up for it, you should be obligated to provide them with something worth their while. With targeted email marketing, you can get in touch with people who are more likely to become your long-term customers. In this day and age, building relationships with your customers is important or else you will lose out to your competitors. What this means is that you have qualified leads to target and a better chance of converting them.

These are some of the ways in which email marketing can benefit your business. Of course, there is the added benefit of being able to communicate with your customers in a direct and friendly manner. When you send an online newsletter to your email list, they know it is from you. You can retain complete ownership of the content you have provided. Plus, this reduces the risk of your readers missing out on content you create, as can be the case with Facebook and Twitter posts.

If used effectively, email marketing could improve the bottom-line of your business significantly. It comes down to whether you want to use it as a standalone strategy or merge it with other mediums of online marketing. The choice is up to you but by not using email marketing solutions, you can lose out on a large number of potential customers.

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