Opportunities and Advantages of Cloud Technologies for Ecommerce

Nicolas Fincher

May 06, 20142 min read
Cloud Technologies for Ecommerce

Cloud, cloud computing, cloud technologies — today you encounter these words virtually everywhere on the Internet.

All the way from web hosting to online stores, cloud technologies revolutionized various aspects of online business, making them dramatically easier and more efficient. In recent years, "the cloud" has become an incredibly popular trend and one of the hottest topics for discussions among IT professionals, hosting experts, web masters and online entrepreneurs.

The ecommerce world has experienced cloud influence as well. While more and more online entrepreneurs from all over the Globe tend to switch to cloud-based shopping carts or implement modern cloud applications and services for various web store management tasks, these breakthrough technologies gradually change the whole way online sales are performed.

Do you wonder what is so specific and advantageous about using cloud computing and how it can benefit your online store? I'm going to point out some crucial cloud technologies along with the opportunities they can provide for your ecommerce project. 

CloudFront CDN support

There is no sense in putting extra emphasis on the importance of fast, smooth and lag-free performance for any online store. This is actually what contributes greatly to gaining ultimate customer satisfaction and enhancing your conversion rates. If before online business owners used to invest a fortune into various complicated techniques to speed up web store performance and loading time, nowadays they have an excellent opportunity to gain sophisticated results with pretty much easier and cost-efficient options, such as CloudFront CDN.

In essence, CDN stands for a "content delivery network" and implies a large network of servers distributed in multiple data centers all over the world. Typically, these servers are intended for storing various static data that composes a significant part of the overall Internet content, including web applications (CSS, ecommerce, portals), web objects (images, photos, scripts and text), downloadable objects (software solutions, JavaScript, documents and various media files), social networks and live streaming media, etc.

CloudFront is one of the most popular CDN services available in the field today. While storing and processing your static data, this smart tool also ensures its high and hassle-free availability for your customers. In other words, your visitors can access any store pages instantly with almost zero-level response time since there will be a dramatically shorter path between your store content and their web browsers.

Cloud search services

While today's Internet users are getting more and more demanding with regard to such aspects as speed and responsiveness, it has become crucial to ensure blazing speed and on-the-fly responses for your shoppers when they are looking for any particular product items or services. This is where cloud-powered search tools come in very handy. While replacing default web store search, they allow delivering relevant search results instantly via convenient pop-up widgets.

Another useful function that cloud-powered search services fulfill perfectly is taking the considerable load from your server, since they process all related search requests remotely. In such a way, you can enjoy two significant benefits — providing your shoppers with rocket-fast and intelligent product search suggestions and reducing the overall server load.

Cloud security options

It goes without saying, the security of the overall store data is one of the top priorities for any ecommerce project. While you obviously have to ensure ultimate security of your sensitive information and online transactions, your customers also need to have total peace of mind knowing that their personal information (credit card numbers) is 100 percent secure when they enter it to complete purchase transactions.

Modern cloud environments provide a dramatically higher security level than many traditional on-premise data center facilities, as they feature layered protection systems. You can take advantage of various advanced cloud-based security options that are available in a large selection today. While having your web store data properly and smartly organized, you will also enjoy its absolute security.

Ready to share your own experiences of using various cloud-powered technologies for your online store? Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.