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Optimizing YouTube videos for the keywords: keywords research tools overview

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Optimizing YouTube videos for the keywords: keywords research tools overview

Over the last few years, the online marketplace has become very competitive. This urges marketers and companies to make extra effort to be easily found on the Internet. One of the biggest trends in online marketing is creating YouTube videos which entertains the user and promote the product or service at the same time.

What benefits have made YouTube a popular marketing channel? Instead of reading, you can just watch. People are lazy by nature; having so many options that technical progress gives us today has resulted in users looking for easier ways to get things done. So, if they need some information, they now can just go to YouTube and watch it. It is faster, more visual, and, of course, interesting.

Now what benefits do you have as a marketer or SEO specialist by choosing to promote your business through YouTube videos?

Requires little investments: consider that it is totally free to open an account on YouTube and upload a video there. The only investments you will have to make will be time and resources spent on filming the video. This is an important point, by the way, because to draw the attention of a modern user, the video should be of high quality, without a doubt.

Can spread widely in no time: we all have witnessed a number of cases when videos became an absolute craze for a great number of users crossing the borders and becoming globally popular. This shows an immense potential of YouTube videos to go viral. So, if the video content is interesting, funny, or informative, users will gladly share it and increase your YouTube views, which will require no additional effort on your side.

Allow you to show your proficiency and expertise: you can send your potential customers a 20-page booklet telling about how great your company is, but you can also film a video giving some tips on topic which you are proficient in, and if the information is useful to users, your video will gain popularity and some of the viewers will become your customers.

Stands out in the search results: YouTube videos are seen prominently in search results, moreover, it is typical for them to be ranked among the top spots in organic search, which in turn increases their chances to be clicked on dramatically.

Can be optimized for keywords: as well as website pages, YouTube videos feature such SEO vital elements as title, description, annotations, etc., which allow you to include all the highly ranked and relevant to your website keywords, which later will help users find your video more easily and get more views.

There are number of ways you can find the most appropriate keywords for YouTube for more views, and right now we will make a run down of tools which will help you in that.

YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool

It’s important to remember that search queries on YouTube and search queries on Google are different. Such a situation takes place because the purpose of each search is not the same. Users turn to YouTube to watch some entertaining videos, actionable tips, tutorials, etc., while Google generally spans a broader category of search requests.

With that in mind, YouTube has created its own keyword suggestion tool which you can use to get more ideas of the topic of your future video, or keywords which should be used in video tags.

Similar to Google’s keyword tool, YouTube also provides options to choose a country and specific language you would like to target. But unlike Google, YouTube makes it possible to search keyword ideas by words or phrases, or by ID or the URL of the YouTube video.

However, in essence, the algorithm of working with YouTube’s keyword suggestion tool is pretty much the same as with Google’s. You enter the keyword or word combination, choose the match type you need, and get keyword ideas.

Don’t let the “Not Enough Data” sign frighten you, because this only shows that the number of monthly searches is not so great, but still they exist, and you should probably target them; because of lower competition it may be easier for you to be ranked for such keywords. See how it may look, for example, if you are company creating email newsletter templates, and you want to create a video on the topic.

Google Keyword Tool

While it must be pretty useful to pick some great ideas from word combination given by the YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool, it is still highly advisable to incorporate the Google Keyword Tool in your research as a keyword generator, because it gives more specific results and a broader range of data.

There are two basic ways how you can go about this. You can just enter the keyword combination into the search line, (say, email newsletter, if to take our case), or you can make your search more targeted and specify the website you would like to get the results for. In our example, that would be YouTube.

Importantly, try not to choose the most highly searched Google search terms, no matter how appealing it could be, because it will be harder for your YouTube video to be ranked for them. It is better to select keyword ideas with at least medium search volume to increase your chances to make it to the top with your video.

Professional keyword research software – SEMrush

When you are performing your keyword research, remember the special keyword research programs that will help you make the most of your keyword selection process. These kinds of programs are created specifically to accommodate the needs of SEO professionals and online marketers and, therefore, provide an advanced toolset and range of data for keyword analysis.

For example, if you take SEMrush keyword research software, you not only find the best keyword ideas, but also determine your direct competitors through organic searches. The list of website-competitors is formulated on the base of keywords which you enter, or groups of keywords for which the site has been ranked for.

There is also information about Google advertising searches - they provide the websites that buy ads for this particular keyword. You can click any of the website links and view what other keywords they are using in their Adwords campaign – there probably will be some new ideas which will give you a hint and help you to create a new, more beneficial word combination.

Lastly, there is lots of useful data pertaining to each keyword you see on the list. For example, you can view the cost per click information, which is widely used to gain insight on keyword competition and, therefore, make well-grounded decisions.

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