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Outsourcing vs. In-House When It Comes To Hiring a Freelance Copywriter

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Outsourcing vs. In-House When It Comes To Hiring a Freelance Copywriter

The importance of content has grown drastically over the past year or so. In fact, it is being said that 2013 is the year that content regains its lost importance and plays a more prominent role in determining a website’s online success. This is why businesses and websites need to start paying more attention to their content creation process. The first step is to get a few freelance writers on board. However, the big question is whether you should have them in-house or outsource your writing work to them. After all, there is no dearth of writers willing to accept either offer.

Still, you need to decide which option you are going to go with. There are several different things that come into play when you have to weigh up both options and select one. The best way to go about doing this is to compare the two options. First things first, it isn’t difficult to find a freelance copywriter to work for you. A simple online job posting can get you the desired number of candidates you need, all offering professional copywriting services. But that can only be done once you have decided whether you want to outsource or not.

There are certain factors on which the two options can be compared in depth. Let’s look at some of them.


It would definitely cost you more to have an in-house freelance writer. The writer would need to have a workstation or desk to work on along with a chair, computer and other amenities. He/she would take up your office space, probably more than you can afford. You will have to create the right infrastructure for the writer to be able to work in your company. This can be difficult for companies that didn’t have a writer on board before. In terms of pay scale, you would have to pay a full-time writer more than you do a freelance one, as he/she would be paid on the basis of work done. Round one: outsourcing.


Quality is a major issue when you outsource your content. Sometimes, the writer doesn’t have the grammatical and writing skills to produce compelling SEO content. In addition, freelance copywriters working out of their bedrooms are not likely to know the best practices in SEO copywriting. On the other hand a person who has been working in the industry previously would be able to produce better quality of work. You need top quality if you are to find success with content marketing. Round two: in-house.


Along with the quality of the content, outsourcing your work to an SEO copywriter puts you at risk of getting plagiarized content. Since the writer isn’t face to face with you, you would have a hard time convincing him/her to strive for originality. Plagiarized content is virtually worthless. If on the other hand you have an in-house writer, you can at least work with him/her to ensure the content produced is original and of a high quality. Round three: in-house.


Time is a valuable commodity for any business. Outsourcing the work would definitely save time as none of your employees would have to spend their time working on the content. This is where SEO writing professionals prove to be handy for you. However, you need to make sure the writer is capable enough to produce the kind of content you are looking for. Hiring an in-house writer means having a writer on board 9 to 5 even if you don’t have any writing projects to assign to him. Round four: outsourcing.


A writer working in front of your eyes will be more reliable and you can constantly check on his/her work and performance. The problem with outsourcing is that the person you outsource the work to might be outsourcing it further. Since you have no way to know about this, you have to rely on what your writer tells you. Furthermore, if you have a writer in office at all times, you can assign urgent work that needs to be completed right away. This is not always possible when outsourcing. So, when it comes to reliability and dependability, an in-house writer is a better option. Round five: in-house.

Of the five factors compared here, in-house has won by three to two against outsourcing. Still, the difference is minimal and it comes down to your needs. If you feel that you need to outsource your work to a freelance writer, feel free to do so. You can always hire an in-house writer if outsourcing doesn’t work out. Hire a quality writer regardless of whether you outsource the work or not. Provide him/her with the right tools like SEMrush, a keyword research and organization platform, to have a better chance of getting the results you are looking for from him/her.

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