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Paid Search Ad Copy: 3 Things You Might Be Missing

Diane Pease
Paid Search Ad Copy: 3 Things You Might Be Missing

When writing ad copy, sometimes we get focused on the fundaments – having a strong call to action, using keywords within our ad copy where we can, and at the same time trying to get the right message in those two lines of text. It’s a lot to think about!

And in the effort to develop ad copy, we can sometimes overlook some of the important features AdWords offers. These features can not only help automate your ads and make managing them much easier, but can help making writing ad copy easier.

Let’s take a look at 3 key areas:


Google introduced callouts in early September, 2014. This new type of extension allows you to provide specific information about your business. The line of text typically appears below the ad:

Paid Search Tip - Callouts

It’s a great to take information that might normally be put in your ad and allow it to be “called out” on an additional line of text. Information such as hours of operation, free shipping and how long you have been in business are examples of what you can include. By using callouts, you don’t have to try to work that information into your ad text – you can put it in the callout.

Callouts do not always show every time your ad is served; this is based on the performance of the callout as well as the position of your ad on the page.


Sitelinks have been around for quite a few years, and they can help promote other pages on your website in addition to the main landing page. The great benefit of sitelinks is it provides more “real estate space” for your ad. You can also incorporate up-to-date promotions, which can allow you to focus on developing strong call to actions in your ad text. In the example below, not only do you have callouts, you have site links to show the weekly product promotions:

Paid Search - Promotions

As with callouts, sitelinks typically do not show unless you are in one of the top positions of the page. The number of sitelinks can vary depending on factors such as overall sitelink performance and ad positioning.

Ad Customizers

Back in late 2014, Google also introduced ad customizers in time for the holiday season. Think of it as keyword insertion on steroids. Parameters that you set up are replaced by dynamic text when a user search triggers your ad.

The great thing about ad customizers? You can use them anywhere within the text ad (except in the URL field). So your ad is adapted to the context of a search. The new countdown feature allows the ad to show the number of days remaining in a sale or promotion. This tailored messaging not only provides users with up to date information, it can also be more relevant to what your prospective customers are searching for.

In the example below, ad customizers are used for the model, capacity, price, and number of days in the sale:

Paid Search Tips - Ad Customizers

Using callouts, sitelinks and ad customizers can not only help you develop more targeted ads, but can give you more flexibility with writing ad text descriptions.

Have you had success using these features? Please tell us about the results in the comments.

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Diane Pease is an Inbound Marketing Manager for Cisco, and has been in online and traditional marketing for over 25 years. She has expertise in SEO, social and traditional marketing, but her primary specialty is paid search and analytics. Diane focuses on providing clients with solid paid search strategies and seamless campaign execution. Her most recent contribution to the SEMrush blog was, “Paid Ad Search Copy: 3 Things You Might Be Missing.”
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