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Julian Connors

Periscope: Connect With Your Constituents Like Never Before

Julian Connors
Periscope: Connect With Your Constituents Like Never Before

The latest addition to a series of live video streaming applications is creating a tremendous amount of buzz throughout the Digital Marketing world!

It’s called Periscope and it functions as a video app that gives consumers the ability to convey or broadcast intelligent content in real-time.

Owned and supported by the world’s second most popular social media platform Twitter, Periscope is able to catalyze engagement and conversions for strategists and marketing directors alike by offering content that transcends geographical and theoretical boundaries.

Its premier visual features complement its ability to stimulate particular senses in ways that traditional media or static platforms are unable to, which is expected to solicit or entice consumer reaction in new, meaningful ways.

According to Twitter, one million users signed in to Periscope within its first 10 days of launching and has three times the amount of influencers (defined as personal handles that possess 10,000 followers or more) than its leading competitor, Meerkat.

Potential Benefits:

The ability to create and broadcast live content through established social channels allows brands the opportunity to align with emerging trends dedicated to consumer behavior, as well as connect with new potential donors throughout the world without having to invest significant resources.

Based on a recent report offered by eMarketer, the number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to surpass 2 billion in 2016, a figure that represents over a quarter of the global population.

Periscope value

Image authored by BrightLocal – taken on July 29, 2015

Considering that 88% of consumers consider online reviews and commentary as valuable as personal recommendations; brands that incorporate Periscope’s capabilities into their ongoing search campaigns are able to attract and satisfy new audiences in a plethora of manners that ultimately support:

  • Credibility
  • Engagement
  • Consumer reaction
  • Conversions/donations

Potential Value

Utilizing Periscope’s live streaming and social sharing features can yield a plethora of positive reactions that include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain/Support Brand Loyalty – Established connections are able to immediately access and engage with all streaming content, offering new forms of entertainment and information that aligns with and satisfies individual expectations/demands.
  • Expand Brand/Top of Mind Awareness – Periscope connects directly to established followers and leverages their personal sphere of influence in ways that catalyze brand awareness and messaging.
  • Create Powerful Content/Enhance Response Rate – Being able to stream video content instantly throughout the world supports engagement/reaction rates by capitalizing on the psychological value traditional television offers.
  • Superior Clarity of Message – With enhanced HD sound and picture, priority messages and signals stand to resonate with consumers more strongly than traditional media and/or social media engagement applications.
  • Support Customer Service – With the ability to conduct surveys and provide instant solutions to common and/or individual questions/dilemmas, brands can connect with their target audiences’ sentiment on a more granular level. This includes being able to extrapolate appropriate responses based on customers’ tones, inflection, and voice.

With the ability to store and playback video content 24 hours after a singular stream ends, brands can cater to and resolve common concerns more effectively and efficiently than static content systems or competing video platforms that offer limited access/history, such as Vine or Snapchat.

  • Increase Transparency – Being able to connect audiences with various processes, systems, and executive level members of an organization allows consumers to experience a deeper sense of association with a brand and its direction.

Align With What The Cool Kids Are Doing

Cool kids use PeriscopeThere are already a number of brand authorities that are taking advantage of Periscope’s capabilities.

Spotify connected with Irish folk singer Conor O’Brien from the band Villiagers for a live broadcast, garnering 255 shares and getting replayed over 100 times in less than a few hours.

One of the world’s most recognized clothing brand DKNY offered their customers an opportunity to look over their entire fashion closet. Sportswear icon Adidas took advantage of the application by giving their followers a view of soccer player James Rodriguez signing a contract extension with them.

Even older, more traditional brands like General Electric are jumping on board with Periscope, showing their 358 thousand Twitter followers behind-the-scene footage of their StarTalk Radio program with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Bye the Science Guy.

Recommendation of Use and Incorporation

Due to Periscope’s capabilities dedicated to supporting consumer alignment, engagement and conversions, it is worthwhile to incorporate this platform as a part of any brand’s ongoing search and social endeavors.

Aligning with this particular live-steaming application positions brands and businesses as leaders within their specific social space since its use and recognition has yet to peak or become mainstream.

It also provides brands the opportunity to learn and understand its complete reach and limitations, supporting their ability to maximize its use once the application becomes more established among online social audiences.

Specific tactics such as weekly executive broadcasts, live event updates and survivor Q&A sessions are all possible through Periscope and stand to offset negative trends such as diminishing brand value and/or top of mind association with target consumers.

Have you started using Periscope yet? Let us know how it's working out for you. Please leave a comment.

Julian Connors

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Julian Connors is an experienced search marketing director who has developed complex, wide-scale search and social campaigns for brands that include: P&G, The Source, Papa Johns, GiveSmart, and more. A published author on the concept of “Social SEO”, Connors contributes to a number of recognized publications and speaks are digital marketing conferences throughout the country.
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