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The Power of Twitter in Content Marketing

Aseem Badshah
The Power of Twitter in Content Marketing

There are many options to consider when promoting your content on social media. Each platform has something unique to offer depending on how you want to get your message across to your audience. Among these many choices there is a rising star, a powerhouse of marketing potential that sometimes doesn't get the recognition it deserves: Twitter.

On Twitter you can find, connect and engage with individual clients and mass audiences alike with ease. But with all of this marketing potential, it’s still important to know how to use it. In this post we’ll discuss just a few of the ways you can connect your Twitter audience to your content.

Keep Your Twitter Feed Full of Content

In order to make the most out of content marketing on Twitter, you need to make it as easy as possible for users to find that content. The best place to start is your own Twitter feed. Be sure you are posting a tweet at least once a day about your content. Highlight some features, include links and make it as connective and engaging as possible within the 140 characters you’re given.


Let’s say, for example, you are trying to promote new e-book on Twitter. You can tweet each day about a certain topic covered in the book along with a link to the download page. In one quick step you’ve made it that much easier for users to access your content and enter your conversion funnel. Not to mention that having a Twitter profile page full of substantial, value-filled Tweets will look great to any potential prospects that come across your profile.

Follow the #Hashtags to Your Target Audience

One of the most useful features of Twitter is the hashtag. It can be especially helpful when looking for the best audience to share your content with online.

Each hashtag acts as a unique sort of hub, where people gather to talk about specific topics or events. By simply inserting a particular hashtag into a post, a user can tie their activity to every other Twitter user who is talking or posting about the same topic. Identifying and tracking the hashtags most relevant to your space will give you access to entire pools of new prospective consumers you might not have otherwise found.

Take the e-book example from above. If the focus of that e-book was B2B sales strategy, then investigating hashtags such as #B2B, #B2Bsales and #salesstrategy would be a great first step toward connecting with those users who are most interested in what you’re offering. The point we want to get across here is when looking for an audience to share your content, don’t underestimate the power of the hashtag.

Twitter feed hashtag 

Use DMs to Bring Prospects Into Your Pipeline

And finally, we can’t discuss content marketing on Twitter without talking about the effectiveness of the Twitter Direct Message (DM). You’ve tweeted about the value of your content to the Twitterverse in general, and you’ve used hashtags to identify the best audiences to engage. The Twitter DM allows you to take the next step and reach out personally to those potential consumers.

This is a useful and powerful means of engaging with your audience, but it must be done correctly in order to move the prospect toward a conversion. To make the most of the DMs you send out to market your content, consider incorporating the following components:

  • Recipient’s First Name: It’s an easy and effective way to make the message personal and shed some of the “spam mail” misconceptions associated with marketing messages
  • Try a Compliment: Everyone likes to hear that his or her profile and posts are admired or appreciated. Consider including a line about their great posts!
  • Relevant Questions: This will open up the conversation so you’re not only bringing them to your content, but engaging with them and sharing ideas
  • Include a Link: Let’s not forget the overall goal of sending this DM. Including a link to your content creates an easy doorway to bring the user into your conversion funnel

If you need even further motivation to utilize the DM, there’s some pretty compelling data on just how effective a Twitter DM in terms of clicks and conversions. With click-through rates in the neighborhood of 30 percent, compared to average email click-through rates around 3 percent, the results we’re seeing from DM marketing campaigns are undeniable. To read more about this data check out this post on the Heinz Marketing blog.

There is definitely an abundance of ways to promote your content on social media, and it’s smart to use as many of them as you can manage.

Hopefully this has helped you understand just a few of the way you can use Twitter in your content marketing strategy. With such a huge community of users and so many features to help you spread the word, no modern marketer can afford to overlook the power that Twitter can bring.

Image credit: Pixabay & Canva

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Aseem Badshah is the Founder and CEO of Socedo, a web platform that helps to automate prospecting on Twitter and LinkedIn. He has been a leader in the social media marketing space for more than eight years. Before Socedo, Aseem founded Uptown Treehouse, a marketing agency for Fortune 500 brands focused on social media. You can learn more from Aseem on the Socedo Blog.
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