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PPC Ad Copy Case Study: Easter Eggs

Emma McHale
PPC Ad Copy Case Study: Easter Eggs

Before and during the Easter holidays, "Easter eggs online" is always a popular search on Google, according to Think With Google. Other popular search terms include "luxury Easter eggs" and "giant Easter egg." Think With Google also saw a 75% increase in UK searches for Easter egg hunt ideas between 2013 and 2014, alongside more traditional searches for "Easter bonnet."

This case study analyzes the PPC ad copy for Easter eggs using SEMrush. Most of the adverts that stood out offered a unique value proposition, used numbers within the ad copy or appealed to the searcher's love of chocolate.

"Easter Eggs"



Asda is currently averaging the top position for "Easter eggs" on Google UK. The ad created by Asda stands out from the other ads due to its use of numbers in the ad copy.


Personally I also like the Not On The High Street ad copy which also stands out from the other ads due to its use of the word "yummy" relating the advert to the searcher's love of chocolate. There was also competition from Hotel Chocolat and Amazon.co.uk.




Orientaltrading.com appears first for "Easter eggs." The advert stands out from the other adverts due to its offer of free shipping on orders over $39. The company's other ads also advertise satisfaction guarantee and 110% lowest price guarantee. The 110% lowest price guarantee is either an eye-catching technique to make searchers look twice at the advert or wonder if it's a mistake.

"Easter eggs online"



Cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk is averaging first position for "Easter eggs online." Cadbury is a well-regarded chocolate company in the UK, therefore UK searchers will be drawn to the advert more than other PPC ads. Other advertisements for the keyword include Bettys, Amazon.co.uk, Godivachocolates.co.uk and Hotel Chocolat.



Again the Orientaltrading.com averaged the first position for "Easter eggs online." The advert was the same as the previous advert. However, other ad copies also caught my eye during the analysis, these were the CookingwithGabby.org and HighStreet.org ads below.


The CookingwithGabby.org advert caught my attention due to it being the only advert offering information on how to cook with leftover Easter eggs rather than selling Easter eggs.


HighStreet.org is the High Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri. Over Easter, the church is planning to drop 10,000 eggs from a helicopter as part of an Easter egg hunt. Pretty clever, right?

This is just one example of what SEMrush can uncover when it comes to ad copy. Have you ever found anything amusing when researching your competitors in SEMrush? Tell us about it in the comments!

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