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Predictions for Apple's Early Sep. Product Launch

Keval Padia
Predictions for Apple's Early Sep. Product Launch

Sep. 9 might be the date again for the biggest launches of the year – It is time to get excited about Apple again!

Buzzfeed reported that Apple will hold the product launch in the week of Sep. 7 and would be aligned with previous Apple's strategies when they released the iPhone 6 last year. Its larger sibling, the 6 Plus, has posted the record of being one of the best-selling devices ever and the company is now the most profitable public company worldwide.

So what can we expect from this Apple product launch announcement?

Expected Announcements

  • Apple is expected to use the podium to announce its newest iPads and the Apple TV redesign, according to some sources. That would be a big departure to the traditional strategy of having different events for each of its flagship products.
  • The new iPhones are typically announced in September while the iPads are launched in October. If both products are launched in a single month, it would convey to the market that there are not many changes in store for devices though the market is keen to witness the new 12.9-inch "iPad Pro."

iPhones account for nearly two-thirds of revenue for the company and hence the smartphones are very important for Apple to keep abreast with the market and then sell millions of phones. The market thinks that Apple is no longer immune to the slowing demand and will have to devise new ways to interest buyers in tablets. iPad sales have declined every year and Apple would need to change its approach and appeal so that more business users will be interested in the gadget.

The Year of Change ... or the Same?

  • This year's iPhone launch won’t likely feature any hardware design although there would be various changes within the hood.
  • The company is expected to revamp its touch technology with the new ForceTouch technology thus allowing iPhones to know the difference between hard and light taps.
  • A faster processor and a better camera is also on the cards along with a number of color options.
  • A new Apple TV box is expected to be revealed that will be launched with a web-based television service.
  • The company was scheduled to launch it during the annual developers’ conference in June. Apple couldn't broker deals on time with TV programmers and hence the launch date was postponed.

Apple's streaming video box has now completed three years but with the advent of Internet-delivered TV. Even after splashy events, Apple TV has not got the spotlight that it was expecting.

The Launch of iPhone 6s, Apple TV and Apple Watch OS 2

Obviously, the new iPhone 6s is rumored to have the same design, but the addition of Force Touch and the removal of the home button might be the biggest changes of all. There would be a new button under the glass through ForceTouch. The Touch ID sensor will be located at that place. iOS 9 is expected to be revealed with not too many changes, since the company does not like huge changes to their mobile operating system.

The next generation Apple TV is the next big thing for Apple. It is expected to be a significant upgrade with a new UX and UI along with an integrated "Home Kit." The remote is expected to be new with a touch interface and a keyboard to complete the kit.

And to top it all, Apple Watch OS 2 is sure to be big enough to get all in a tizzy. While the Apple Watch has made a huge splash compared to other smartwatches; it is still a mediocre success for the company. A new version and update is expected through the Apple Watch OS so that they are launched in time before the big Christmas rush. The new Apple Watch OS 2 will include new applications and the layout is expected to enhance user experience too.

It is always interesting to witness the biggest brand in the world launch its products. Every associated event is welcomed by Apple enthusiasts, although the launches are not as mysterious as they used to be since they are predictable. iPhone sales are slumping in the US and with the Apple Watch underperforming in various places, the company needs some seriously new offerings to get back in the limelight and attract users back to its own canopy.

The Rumored Stats and Prices

  • Apple is expected to launch a web-based TV service with 25 channels at $30-$40 per month, thus posing direct competition to Sling TV, which offers channels for $20 per month. Most likely, Apple’s new TV service will be announced mostly in 2016.
  • CEO Tim Cook had revealed that Apple had sold a staggering 25 million Apple TV units, 5 million more than what it sold in April 2014. The Apple TV has grossed $1 billion in revenue in its content sales and its hardware in 2013 itself.
  • Apple dropped prices of Apple TV from $99 to $69 when its competitor Chromecast is available for under $30 while the Fire TV Stick is available for $39.


Come what may, Apple has always lived up to its promise and delivered revolutionary products every year. It is time for the company to welcome new strategies and revamp its old strategy to bring in new innovation and new trends that define the IT, mobile and entertainment world.

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Keval Padia is a Founder and CEO of Nimblechapps. He is a mobile game developer with acute knowledge of mobile game design and user experience design. His vision is to become the best iOS development company, which can transform people's ideas into fully functional applications at very affordable prices.
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