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Race To The Top: Preparing Your PLA Copy For Cyber Monday

Mike Isaac
Race To The Top: Preparing Your PLA Copy For Cyber Monday

It's coming up fast! You are trying to get everything ready in time for when the sales start on Monday. Once the clock hits 12, people will be rushing to their computers in order to get the hottest deals. If you are an e-commerce company, you are most likely trying to find the best way to stick out from your competitors and have people click over to your website. But how can you get an upper edge on your competitors for all of your products? If you try doing this by searching for each product in Google, it will take you past Cyber Monday to finish. Thats just nonsense. You can use SEMrush to get this information at the click of a button.

Please note in order to see the full information, you will need to have the Business level package. You can still see results under the Pro and Guru level accounts, however, you will only be able to see the first ten results of keywords.

You will want to first start by entering a domain into the search bar at the top. Once you enter the domain, you will then look in the left sidebar under PLA Research and select the Positions report. When you first navigate to this report, you will see that your competitor's PLA data is compared to their AdWords data. This will shed light on your competitor’s advertising behavior and reveal which form of advertising they focus on the most. 

Brookstone PLA

The great thing about this report is that we can see exactly what this competitor is doing in their PLA efforts. Reviewing information such as the ad copy, keyword, position and landing URL, we are able to reveal what type of behavior your competitor is experiencing in their Google Shopping efforts. When it comes to creating an ad, everyone know that the headlines, description and price are what bring people to your website. We can instantly see this data within SEMrush for each competitor we have. Let’s say you are looking to rank for the keyword “hoverboard”. If we look at brookstone.com, we can see they are currently ranking in the first position for this keyword. So what do we do with this information?

Hoverboard SERP Source

Well lets take a look at the data SEMrush provides us. We can see this is a highly searched keyword with an average monthly search volume of 201,000. The other information we will want to focus on is the landing page they are using for the keyword, along with the Product Title for the listing. By reviewing what they are putting in the Title and Price, we can see exactly what they are using in order to draw in their audience. So since they are ranking within the first position for this keyword, it is safe to say that this is working for them. Breaking down the Title and Price for each ad we can see what is working for a particular competitor. The Title Brookstone is using for this ad is “Hovertrax Hoverboard Personal Mobility Device”. After looking at the other listings, it looks like Brookstone is using branding within their title to help them, which appears to be working. I am not a person who is too familiar with hover boards but this may be one of the top selling brands. This may tell you about the quality of the product and what brands have a bigger reputation than others.

After looking at this information, you will now want to tailor your own ad to beat out this particular ad. We can also click the SERP Source icon to see who else is ranking for this keyword in Google Shopping. By reviewing this SERP Source, we can also reveal any new competitors we were not focusing on before. If you are too far away from the first position for a particular keyword, you may want to focus on a competitor who is closer to your own ranking first then work your way up.

This valuable data can help you come Cyber Monday so that you are well prepared to jump your competitors and land the most deals. Do you have a different way of preparing for Cyber Monday? Do you use these tools already? Any suggestions on how to better get this data? Let us know in the comments below!

If you still have questions about any of this information, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team at: (855) 814-4510 or by email at [email protected]. You can also contact us on Twitter by using the #semrushcare hashtag.

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Mike Isaac is the Customer Success Content Manager at SEMrush. He has been working at SEMrush for over 3 years and is constantly pushing out new content to keep users engaged. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.
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