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Resources & Tools for Small Business Community Management

Jason Hawkins
Resources & Tools for Small Business Community Management

Establishing a successful online community is essential to developing your brand’s online presence. Maintaining a positive community setting and having the ability to actually respond to the needs of users on your site take a lot of effort. When you take into consideration how much is involved in community management, it's no wonder that there are some amazing resources out there to help.

Generally speaking, managing the social community on your site is done in-house. Whether you’re doing it yourself or you have a community manager, you probably recognize that there is a great of attention involved. Of course, it is also essential to know everything about your brand and the way you want to present it to your customers. You also need to have stellar social networking skills because engaging with your customers makes a big difference and is a sure way to improve your community management.

So how can you develop these skills? How can you go above and beyond for your social community? There are some great online resources put out by experts on this subject, which can really help bring these skills to the next level.

Blogs and E-Literature

Based on the fact you are reading this article on resources for social community management, you have likely discovered that there is an endless amount of online reading on website and community development. These experts have put their knowledge out there for you to take advantage of. Sites like Social Media Examiner break down certain aspects like how to build a social community.

In one article they establish 4 tips on how to recognize and improve your social community by:

  • Finding your advocates
  • Hosting social conversations
  • Giving back to fans
  • Giving fans a voice

This discussion of how members of your social community should ultimately have a voice that impacts your business decisions is a great example of how literature can be used to re-frame your thinking and help you make strides for improvement.

Daily Tips to Keep You Sharp

There is so much to learn about website management and social communities, so why not learn something every day? There are a few sites that do daily SEO, Website Design, and Social marketing tips. One example is Ragan’s PR Daily, which provides short daily tips (that can also easily be shared via Twitter) that are valuable for anyone responsible for a business website.

Speaking of Twitter, another great way to follow daily advice is to follow a daily-tip twitter feed. One of my personal favorites is Social Marketing which is based in Colorado. Their goal is to provide news and tips for businesses and orgs—especially about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube & Apps.

The Digital Classroom: Podcasts and Video Lectures

With the constant changes that are taking place online, plus new information and ideas coming out consistently, it is important to take a crash course every now and again on the topics that concern your community management.

Sprout Social is another site that puts out great written content on successful community management. In their address of community management resources, they discuss the importance of podcasts and video lectures for sharpening your skills and acquiring new perspective on community development. Some resource examples they discussed were:


  •  #AskGaryVee Show. Gary Vaynerchuk is a social media expert that answers popular questions about marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. He has presented at many expos and has videos on a wide range of topics.
  • Jay Today. Jay does a 3 minute video every day on a wide range of topics. He is to-the-point with his discussions, so it is a great resource to view and learn on a daily basis.
  • Epipheo: This channel focuses less on marketing than the previous two, but it does offer insightful help that all business owners should take note of. It’s a fun, animated, channel that is worth checking out.


  • Marketingpodcasts.com. This site is a great start if you’re just getting into the podcasting world. You’ll find a huge amount of marketing-focused podcasts that cover all sorts of topics.
  • Ready, Set, Podcast! Mallie Hart and Brooke Ballard host this great podcast that focuses on digital marketing. Their candid interviews with industry giants are very entertaining and insightful.
  • Reply All. This show covers all sorts of topics involving the Internet. They don’t talk too much about community management, but the show is very inspiring and might just spark a new idea.

Networking with LinkedIn

Networking is a great way to connect with like-minded business people. It also allows for the opportunity to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities and can really aid in social community management. Learning from others who have been in your position and have advice to offer is invaluable. While there are several different networking sites out there, LinkedIn is far and away your best option.

The best way to network on LinkedIn is to not only connect and send introductory messages to people you hope to meet, but to actually join specific LinkedIn groups in your area. This is an excellent place to meet people in your area, hear about events coming up, and share your content to help build relationships.

Tools to Help You Master Social Management

There are so many online resources to help you have more effective teamwork with your staff, connect with users on your website, reach out with social media, and re-purpose content that to make things more interesting for fans of your brand. There are so many amazing tools available to people in the industry, a few to check out are:

  • Buffer. You likely need to reach out to your followers on social media regularly. Buffer is an easy way to schedule content across social media. You are able to use this tool to stagger content posting times throughout the day. This lets you keep to a consistent social media schedule all week long effortlessly.
  • Trello. Trello is a task management tool that is perfect for tracking ‘team based’ work. Each department is able to track their own progress by the means of custom designed lists and boards. If you struggle with micro managing, this is a great tool to use. This is a little bit more content management based than social, but it’s a good way to keep track of both.

The Takeaway

Community management is an ongoing process. It requires around the clock attention and a creative mind. These resources are a great way to make sure that you’re doing the best that you can and learning as new information and resources become available. Tools and tips for social community management are only improving, so the progress your online community can see if you put in the effort can be truly impressive.

Do you have any resources that you like to use? Let us know in the comments below.

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